School District Salaries in Nevada

School District Payrolls

School District NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
100 Academy of Excellence
NV2019employees: 40average:$23,314
100 Academy of ExcellenceNV 40 $23,314View Salaries
Academy for Career Education
NV2021employees: 15average:$79,646
Academy for Career EducationNV 15 $79,646View Salaries
Alpine Academy
NV2021employees: 24average:$28,192
Alpine AcademyNV 24 $28,192View Salaries
Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy
NV2015employees: 223average:$36,707
Andre Agassi College Preparatory AcademyNV 223 $36,707View Salaries
Bailey Charter Elementary School
NV2014employees: 22average:$58,320
Bailey Charter Elementary SchoolNV 22 $58,320View Salaries
Beacon Academy of Nevada
NV2021employees: 55average:$53,861
Beacon Academy of NevadaNV 55 $53,861View Salaries
Carson City School District
NV2021employees: 1240average:$60,843
Carson City School DistrictNV 1,240 $60,843View Salaries
Carson Montessori School
NV2020employees: 37average:$51,539
Carson Montessori SchoolNV 37 $51,539View Salaries
Charter School of Learning Bridge
NV2017employees: 18average:$37,279
Charter School of Learning BridgeNV 18 $37,279View Salaries
Churchill County School District
NV2021employees: 584average:$53,023
Churchill County School DistrictNV 584 $53,023View Salaries
Coral Academy of Science Charter School
NV2019employees: 104average:$63,781
Coral Academy of Science Charter SchoolNV 104 $63,781View Salaries
Discovery Charter School
NV2014employees: 21average:$53,295
Discovery Charter SchoolNV 21 $53,295View Salaries
Doral Academy of Nevada
NV2020employees: 576average:$43,116
Doral Academy of NevadaNV 576 $43,116View Salaries
Douglas County School District
NV2021employees: 1110average:$50,033
Douglas County School DistrictNV 1,110 $50,033View Salaries
Elko County School District
NV2021employees: 1749average:$55,027
Elko County School DistrictNV 1,749 $55,027View Salaries
Elko Institute for Academic Achievement
NV2020employees: 18average:$66,812
Elko Institute for Academic AchievementNV 18 $66,812View Salaries
Esmeralda County School District
NV2021employees: 63average:$35,295
Esmeralda County School DistrictNV 63 $35,295View Salaries
Eureka County School District
NV2021employees: 123average:$59,718
Eureka County School DistrictNV 123 $59,718View Salaries
Explore Knowledge Academy Charter School
NV2021employees: 103average:$40,434
Explore Knowledge Academy Charter SchoolNV 103 $40,434View Salaries
Explore Knowledge Charter School
NV2015employees: 88average:$40,415
Explore Knowledge Charter SchoolNV 88 $40,415View Salaries
High Desert Montessori School
NV2015employees: 43average:$46,002
High Desert Montessori SchoolNV 43 $46,002View Salaries
Humboldt County School District
NV2021employees: 660average:$54,798
Humboldt County School DistrictNV 660 $54,798View Salaries
ICDA Charter High School
NV2014employees: 24average:$59,783
ICDA Charter High SchoolNV 24 $59,783View Salaries
Imagine School at Mountain View
NV2021employees: 44average:$44,477
Imagine School at Mountain ViewNV 44 $44,477View Salaries
Innovations International Charter School of Nevada
NV2015employees: 84average:$50,876
Innovations International Charter School of NevadaNV 84 $50,876View Salaries
Lander County School District
NV2020employees: 218average:$45,603
Lander County School DistrictNV 218 $45,603View Salaries
Lincoln County School District
NV2021employees: 140average:$80,243
Lincoln County School DistrictNV 140 $80,243View Salaries
Lyon County School District
NV2021employees: 1596average:$50,137
Lyon County School DistrictNV 1,596 $50,137View Salaries
Mariposa Academy of Language and Learning
NV2021employees: 37average:$34,582
Mariposa Academy of Language and LearningNV 37 $34,582View Salaries
Mater Academy
NV2020employees: 428average:$34,307
Mater AcademyNV 428 $34,307View Salaries
Mineral County School District
NV2019employees: 162average:$38,408
Mineral County School DistrictNV 162 $38,408View Salaries
Nevada Connections Academy
NV2019employees: 133average:$59,784
Nevada Connections AcademyNV 133 $59,784View Salaries
Nevada State High School
NV2021employees: 65average:$48,707
Nevada State High SchoolNV 65 $48,707View Salaries
Nye County School District
NV2021employees: 1139average:$49,168
Nye County School DistrictNV 1,139 $49,168View Salaries
Oasis Academy
NV2021employees: 96average:$44,634
Oasis AcademyNV 96 $44,634View Salaries
Odyssey Charter School
NV2021employees: 123average:$97,759
Odyssey Charter SchoolNV 123 $97,759View Salaries
Pershing County School District
NV2021employees: 190average:$52,699
Pershing County School DistrictNV 190 $52,699View Salaries
Pinecrest Academy of Nevada
NV2021employees: 754average:$40,414
Pinecrest Academy of NevadaNV 754 $40,414View Salaries
Public Charter School Author
NV2018employees: 23average:$60,450
Public Charter School AuthorNV 23 $60,450View Salaries
Rainshadow Community Charter High School
NV2015employees: 11average:$44,482
Rainshadow Community Charter High SchoolNV 11 $44,482View Salaries
School District of Carson City
NV2017employees: 1407average:$49,611
School District of Carson CityNV 1,407 $49,611View Salaries
School District of Churchill County
NV2017employees: 619average:$46,673
School District of Churchill CountyNV 619 $46,673View Salaries
School District Of Douglas County
NV2018employees: 856average:$60,523
School District Of Douglas CountyNV 856 $60,523View Salaries
School District of Elko County
NV2017employees: 1835average:$49,873
School District of Elko CountyNV 1,835 $49,873View Salaries
School District of Esmeralda County
NV2017employees: 50average:$32,584
School District of Esmeralda CountyNV 50 $32,584View Salaries
School District of Eureka County
NV2017employees: 123average:$54,550
School District of Eureka CountyNV 123 $54,550View Salaries
School District of Humboldt County
NV2017employees: 732average:$44,652
School District of Humboldt CountyNV 732 $44,652View Salaries
School District of Lander County
NV2017employees: 187average:$35,501
School District of Lander CountyNV 187 $35,501View Salaries
School District of Pershing County
NV2017employees: 185average:$35,384
School District of Pershing CountyNV 185 $35,384View Salaries
School District of Storey County
NV2017employees: 147average:$34,917
School District of Storey CountyNV 147 $34,917View Salaries
School District of Washoe County
NV2018employees: 9960average:$33,879
School District of Washoe CountyNV 9,960 $33,879View Salaries
Sierra Nevada Academy
NV2020employees: 46average:$37,745
Sierra Nevada AcademyNV 46 $37,745View Salaries
Silver Sands Montessori Charter School
NV2014employees: 10average:$63,393
Silver Sands Montessori Charter SchoolNV 10 $63,393View Salaries
Silver State High School
NV2014employees: 33average:$65,677
Silver State High SchoolNV 33 $65,677View Salaries
Somerset Academy of Nevada
NV2019employees: 1081average:$33,369
Somerset Academy of NevadaNV 1,081 $33,369View Salaries
Storey County School District
NV2021employees: 125average:$46,624
Storey County School DistrictNV 125 $46,624View Salaries
The Delta Academy
NV2021employees: 19average:$92,007
The Delta AcademyNV 19 $92,007View Salaries
The Honors Academy of Literature
NV2020employees: 24average:$51,906
The Honors Academy of LiteratureNV 24 $51,906View Salaries
Washoe County School District
NV2021employees: 9815average:$57,417
Washoe County School DistrictNV 9,815 $57,417View Salaries
White Pine County School District
NV2020employees: 288average:$46,233
White Pine County School DistrictNV 288 $46,233View Salaries