School District Salaries in Wisconsin

School District Payrolls

School District NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Brighton #1 Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 17average:$49,109
Brighton #1 Sch DistWI 17 $49,109View Salaries
Brighton #1 School District
WI2018employees: 18average:$49,727
Brighton #1 School DistrictWI 18 $49,727View Salaries
Capitol West Academy
WI2020employees: 18average:$52,259
Capitol West AcademyWI 18 $52,259View Salaries
Darrell Lynn Hines Academy
WI2018employees: 15average:$45,099
Darrell Lynn Hines AcademyWI 15 $45,099View Salaries
De Forest Area Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 14average:$43,961
De Forest Area Sch DistWI 14 $43,961View Salaries
Dover #1 Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 12average:$42,728
Dover #1 Sch DistWI 12 $42,728View Salaries
Downtown Montessori
WI2018employees: 16average:$43,985
Downtown MontessoriWI 16 $43,985View Salaries
Escuela Verde
WI2018employees: 8average:$48,646
Escuela VerdeWI 8 $48,646View Salaries
Escuela Verde School
WI2022employees: 11average:$52,515
Escuela Verde SchoolWI 11 $52,515View Salaries
Geneva J4 Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 21average:$50,697
Geneva J4 Sch DistWI 21 $50,697View Salaries
Gilmanton Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 19average:$42,544
Gilmanton Sch DistWI 19 $42,544View Salaries
Linn J4 Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 18average:$43,959
Linn J4 Sch DistWI 18 $43,959View Salaries
Linn J6 Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 18average:$39,408
Linn J6 Sch DistWI 18 $39,408View Salaries
Norris Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 5average:$61,860
Norris Sch DistWI 5 $61,860View Salaries
North Cape Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 21average:$49,322
North Cape Sch DistWI 21 $49,322View Salaries
North Lakeland Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 21average:$50,060
North Lakeland Sch DistWI 21 $50,060View Salaries
Norway J7 Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 17average:$30,713
Norway J7 Sch DistWI 17 $30,713View Salaries
Norway J7 School District
WI2018employees: 16average:$37,063
Norway J7 School DistrictWI 16 $37,063View Salaries
Paris J1 Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 20average:$56,593
Paris J1 Sch DistWI 20 $56,593View Salaries
Penfield Montessori Academy
WI2018employees: 12average:$47,523
Penfield Montessori AcademyWI 12 $47,523View Salaries
Phelps Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 21average:$46,272
Phelps Sch DistWI 21 $46,272View Salaries
Rubicon J6 Sch Dist
WI2016employees: 19average:$44,586
Rubicon J6 Sch DistWI 19 $44,586View Salaries
School for Early Development and Achievement
WI2019employees: 10average:$44,853
School for Early Development and AchievementWI 10 $44,853View Salaries
School For Early Development Andachievement (Seda)
WI2018employees: 11average:$49,765
School For Early Development Andachievement (Seda)WI 11 $49,765View Salaries
Stellar Collegiate Charter School
WI2018employees: 11average:$47,228
Stellar Collegiate Charter SchoolWI 11 $47,228View Salaries
Tenor High School
WI2016employees: 16average:$52,900
Tenor High SchoolWI 16 $52,900View Salaries
United Community Center Acosta Middleschool
WI2018employees: 10average:$41,729
United Community Center Acosta MiddleschoolWI 10 $41,729View Salaries
Washington Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 13average:$39,601
Washington Sch DistWI 13 $39,601View Salaries
Washington School District
WI2021employees: 15average:$39,448
Washington School DistrictWI 15 $39,448View Salaries
Washington-Caldwell Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 18average:$48,389
Washington-Caldwell Sch DistWI 18 $48,389View Salaries
White Lake Sch Dist
WI2017employees: 18average:$43,558
White Lake Sch DistWI 18 $43,558View Salaries
Town of York (Green)
WI2022employees: 10average:$7,967
Town of York (Green)WI 10 $7,967View Salaries
Brighton School District
WI2023employees: 18average:$54,524
Brighton School DistrictWI 18 $54,524View Salaries
Cooperative Educational Service Agency 12
WI2023employees: 20average:$69,075
Cooperative Educational Service Agency 12WI 20 $69,075View Salaries
Darrell Lynn Hines (DLH) Academy School
WI2023employees: 14average:$61,547
Darrell Lynn Hines (DLH) Academy SchoolWI 14 $61,547View Salaries
Dover #1 School District
WI2023employees: 10average:$57,271
Dover #1 School DistrictWI 10 $57,271View Salaries
Downtown Montessori Academy School
WI2023employees: 18average:$53,148
Downtown Montessori Academy SchoolWI 18 $53,148View Salaries
Gilmanton School District
WI2023employees: 20average:$47,534
Gilmanton School DistrictWI 20 $47,534View Salaries
Goodman-Armstrong Creek School District
WI2023employees: 17average:$43,051
Goodman-Armstrong Creek School DistrictWI 17 $43,051View Salaries
Isthmus Montessori Academy
WI2023employees: 13average:$51,031
Isthmus Montessori AcademyWI 13 $51,031View Salaries
Linn J4 School District
WI2023employees: 18average:$53,950
Linn J4 School DistrictWI 18 $53,950View Salaries
Linn J6 School District
WI2023employees: 19average:$47,146
Linn J6 School DistrictWI 19 $47,146View Salaries
Mercer School District
WI2023employees: 20average:$53,680
Mercer School DistrictWI 20 $53,680View Salaries
Milwaukee Math and Science Academy School
WI2023employees: 19average:$51,828
Milwaukee Math and Science Academy SchoolWI 19 $51,828View Salaries
Norris School District
WI2023employees: 12average:$65,168
Norris School DistrictWI 12 $65,168View Salaries
North Cape School District
WI2023employees: 20average:$59,228
North Cape School DistrictWI 20 $59,228View Salaries
Norway School District
WI2023employees: 14average:$45,383
Norway School DistrictWI 14 $45,383View Salaries
Pathways High
WI2023employees: 15average:$63,140
Pathways HighWI 15 $63,140View Salaries
Phelps School District
WI2023employees: 17average:$53,905
Phelps School DistrictWI 17 $53,905View Salaries
Washington-Caldwell School District
WI2023employees: 18average:$59,188
Washington-Caldwell School DistrictWI 18 $59,188View Salaries
White Lake School District
WI2023employees: 19average:$51,737
White Lake School DistrictWI 19 $51,737View Salaries
Adeline Montessori School
WI2023employees: 10average:$44,043
Adeline Montessori SchoolWI 10 $44,043View Salaries
Akii-gikinoo'amaading Charter School
WI2022employees: 2average:$54,590
Akii-gikinoo'amaading Charter SchoolWI 2 $54,590View Salaries
Kenosha Schools of Technology Enhanced Curriculum Inc
WI2023employees: 6average:$61,434
Kenosha Schools of Technology Enhanced Curriculum IncWI 6 $61,434View Salaries
Milestone Democratic School
WI2023employees: 15average:$42,967
Milestone Democratic SchoolWI 15 $42,967View Salaries
New Leaf Prep Academy
WI2023employees: 15average:$40,289
New Leaf Prep AcademyWI 15 $40,289View Salaries
TransCenter for Youth
WI2023employees: 13average:$70,660
TransCenter for YouthWI 13 $70,660View Salaries
UpGrade Media Arts Schools
WI2022employees: 3average:$82,167
UpGrade Media Arts SchoolsWI 3 $82,167View Salaries
Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute Inc
WI2023employees: 2average:$54,590
Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute IncWI 2 $54,590View Salaries
Washington Island School District
WI2023employees: 13average:$44,865
Washington Island School DistrictWI 13 $44,865View Salaries