School District Salaries

School District Payrolls

School District NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School
MN2017employees: 34average:$44,726
Academia Cesar Chavez Charter SchoolMN 34 $44,726View Salaries
Academia Moderna
CA2016employees: 23average:$33,275
Academia ModernaCA 23 $33,275View Salaries
Academics Plus School District
AR2018employees: 153average:$31,612
Academics Plus School DistrictAR 153 $31,612View Salaries
Academie Lafayette- Armour
MO2021employees: 20average:$50,303
Academie Lafayette- ArmourMO 20 $50,303View Salaries
Academie Lafayette-Cherry
MO2021employees: 16average:$50,111
Academie Lafayette-CherryMO 16 $50,111View Salaries
Academie Lafayette-Oak
MO2021employees: 28average:$56,069
Academie Lafayette-OakMO 28 $56,069View Salaries
Academy Central Elementary School
OK2020employees: 34average:$28,360
Academy Central Elementary SchoolOK 34 $28,360View Salaries
Academy Central Es
OK2018employees: 33average:$26,866
Academy Central EsOK 33 $26,866View Salaries
Academy Elementary School
OK2022employees: 43average:$37,223
Academy Elementary SchoolOK 43 $37,223View Salaries
Academy Es
OK2018employees: 63average:$25,800
Academy EsOK 63 $25,800View Salaries
Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning
CO2017employees: 68average:$17,240
Academy for Advanced and Creative LearningCO 68 $17,240View Salaries
Academy for Career Education
NV2021employees: 15average:$79,646
Academy for Career EducationNV 15 $79,646View Salaries
Academy for Children Montessori School & Child Care Center
ND2022employees: 4average:$14,261
Academy for Children Montessori School & Child Care CenterND 4 $14,261View Salaries
Academy For Children School
ND2015employees: 4average:$7,930
Academy For Children SchoolND 4 $7,930View Salaries
Academy For Global Citizenship
IL2017employees: 44average:$43,762
Academy For Global CitizenshipIL 44 $43,762View Salaries
Academy For International Education Charter School
FL2021employees: 119average:$35,619
Academy For International Education Charter SchoolFL 119 $35,619View Salaries
Academy for Multilingual Immersion Studies
OH2019employees: 94average:$24,025
Academy for Multilingual Immersion StudiesOH 94 $24,025View Salaries
Academy for Urban Scholars Youngstown
OH2019employees: 16average:$39,376
Academy for Urban Scholars YoungstownOH 16 $39,376View Salaries
Academy Isd
TX2018employees: 212average:$42,994
Academy IsdTX 212 $42,994View Salaries
Academy Of American Stud Hs -
NY2016employees: 71average:$71,093
Academy Of American Stud Hs -NY 71 $71,093View Salaries
Academy of Business and Technology Community School
OH2008employees: 31average:$21,444
Academy of Business and Technology Community SchoolOH 31 $21,444View Salaries
Academy Of Dallas
TX2018employees: 54average:$32,553
Academy Of DallasTX 54 $32,553View Salaries
Academy of Dover Charter School
DE2022employees: 61average:$47,404
Academy of Dover Charter SchoolDE 61 $47,404View Salaries
Academy of Entrepreneurship Studies Middle
MO2022employees: 33average:$48,507
Academy of Entrepreneurship Studies MiddleMO 33 $48,507View Salaries
Academy of Junior Scholars
OH2019employees: 7average:$26,575
Academy of Junior ScholarsOH 7 $26,575View Salaries
Academy Of Personalized Learning
CA2017employees: 16average:$57,674
Academy Of Personalized LearningCA 16 $57,674View Salaries
Academy Of Science And Engineering
CA2017employees: 15average:$66,112
Academy Of Science And EngineeringCA 15 $66,112View Salaries
Academy Of World Languages Elementary School
OH2018employees: 58average:$43,593
Academy Of World Languages Elementary SchoolOH 58 $43,593View Salaries
Academy Of World Languages School
OH2019employees: 95average:$36,424
Academy Of World Languages SchoolOH 95 $36,424View Salaries
Acadiana Renaissance Charter Academy
LA2019employees: 824average:$31,448
Acadiana Renaissance Charter AcademyLA 824 $31,448View Salaries
Acalanes Union High School District
CA2016employees: 169average:$46,554
Acalanes Union High School DistrictCA 169 $46,554View Salaries
Accelerated Achievement Academy
CA2019employees: 23average:$45,491
Accelerated Achievement AcademyCA 23 $45,491View Salaries
Accelerated Charter Elementary
CA2018employees: 47average:$56,733
Accelerated Charter ElementaryCA 47 $56,733View Salaries
Accelerated Schools
KS2017employees: 16average:$27,813
Accelerated SchoolsKS 16 $27,813View Salaries
Accelerated Schools of Overland Park
KS2022employees: 12average:$36,033
Accelerated Schools of Overland ParkKS 12 $36,033View Salaries
Accept Educational Collaborative
MA2018employees: 39average:$37,796
Accept Educational CollaborativeMA 39 $37,796View Salaries
ACE Charter Empower Middle School
CA2013employees: 49average:$27,998
ACE Charter Empower Middle SchoolCA 49 $27,998View Salaries
Ace Charter High
CA2018employees: 15average:$59,919
Ace Charter HighCA 15 $59,919View Salaries
Ace Preparatory Academy (Marion)
IN2018employees: 13average:$31,961
Ace Preparatory Academy (Marion)IN 13 $31,961View Salaries
Ace Tech Charter School
IL2017employees: 47average:$43,025
Ace Tech Charter SchoolIL 47 $43,025View Salaries
ACGC Schools
IA2021employees: 87average:$24,750
ACGC SchoolsIA 87 $24,750View Salaries
Achieve Charter School of Paradise, Inc.
CA2013employees: 14average:$52,152
Achieve Charter School of Paradise, Inc.CA 14 $52,152View Salaries
Achievement House Charter Cyber School
PA2022employees: 67average:$61,736
Achievement House Charter Cyber SchoolPA 67 $61,736View Salaries
Achievement House Cs
PA2018employees: 36average:$50,865
Achievement House CsPA 36 $50,865View Salaries
Achievement School District
TN2020employees: 124average:$60,131
Achievement School DistrictTN 124 $60,131View Salaries
Achievement School District-State Employees Of District
TN2018employees: 144average:$54,207
Achievement School District-State Employees Of DistrictTN 144 $54,207View Salaries
Achievement School District-State Employees Of Managed Schools
TN2018employees: 1average:$86,766
Achievement School District-State Employees Of Managed SchoolsTN 1 $86,766View Salaries
Achievement School District-Teachers Of District
TN2017employees: 189average:$56,699
Achievement School District-Teachers Of DistrictTN 189 $56,699View Salaries
Achievement School District-Teachers Of Managed Schools
TN2017employees: 1average:$236,384
Achievement School District-Teachers Of Managed SchoolsTN 1 $236,384View Salaries
Achille Elementary School
OK2022employees: 54average:$22,060
Achille Elementary SchoolOK 54 $22,060View Salaries
Achille Es
OK2018employees: 38average:$18,770
Achille EsOK 38 $18,770View Salaries
Achille High School
OK2022employees: 22average:$23,769
Achille High SchoolOK 22 $23,769View Salaries
Achille Hs
OK2018employees: 25average:$15,230
Achille HsOK 25 $15,230View Salaries
Ackerman Charter School District
CA2014employees: 104average:$32,209
Ackerman Charter School DistrictCA 104 $32,209View Salaries
Ackerman Elementary
CA2018employees: 48average:$50,360
Ackerman ElementaryCA 48 $50,360View Salaries
Ackerman Elementary School District
CA2016employees: 20average:$27,733
Ackerman Elementary School DistrictCA 20 $27,733View Salaries
Ackerman Sch.
MO2017employees: 102average:$39,713
Ackerman Sch.MO 102 $39,713View Salaries
Ackerman School
MO2022employees: 131average:$47,882
Ackerman SchoolMO 131 $47,882View Salaries
Acorn Community Hs - K
NY2016employees: 33average:$72,407
Acorn Community Hs - KNY 33 $72,407View Salaries
ACT Academy Cyber Charter School
PA2019employees: 8average:$60,292
ACT Academy Cyber Charter SchoolPA 8 $60,292View Salaries