South Carolina Employers

Employers Number 675

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Horry County Schools
20196,451avg: $46,066median: $46,372
Horry County Schools2019 6,451 $46,066$46,372View Details
School District of Horry
20176,166avg: $42,958median: $43,140
School District of Horry2017 6,166 $42,958$43,140View Details
School District Of Horry
20186,134avg: $43,878median: $44,442
School District Of Horry2018 6,134 $43,878$44,442View Details
Charleston County School District
20195,889avg: $48,923median: $50,000
Charleston County School District2019 5,889 $48,923$50,000View Details
School District of Charleston
20185,832avg: $45,021median: $42,000
School District of Charleston2018 5,832 $45,021$42,000View Details
University of South Carolina
20195,102avg: $99,359median: $84,252
University of South Carolina2019 5,102 $99,359$84,252View Details
University Of South Carolina
20183,702avg: $94,294median: $78,993
University Of South Carolina2018 3,702 $94,294$78,993View Details
University Of South Carolina
20173,702avg: $94,115median: $78,986
University Of South Carolina2017 3,702 $94,115$78,986View Details
University Of South Carolina
20163,583avg: $93,716median: $78,986
University Of South Carolina2016 3,583 $93,716$78,986View Details
Clemson University
20193,375avg: $99,125median: $86,000
Clemson University2019 3,375 $99,125$86,000View Details
University Of South Carolina
20153,345avg: $91,301median: $76,908
University Of South Carolina2015 3,345 $91,301$76,908View Details
Clemson University
20182,354avg: $92,646median: $79,023
Clemson University2018 2,354 $92,646$79,023View Details
Clemson University
20162,307avg: $94,490median: $79,934
Clemson University2016 2,307 $94,490$79,934View Details
Clemson University
20172,303avg: $92,862median: $79,665
Clemson University2017 2,303 $92,862$79,665View Details
Clemson University
20152,216avg: $90,736median: $77,746
Clemson University2015 2,216 $90,736$77,746View Details
Medical University of South Carolina
20192,197avg: $95,829median: $83,300
Medical University of South Carolina2019 2,197 $95,829$83,300View Details
School District of Oconee County
20192,031avg: $35,157median: $35,199
School District of Oconee County2019 2,031 $35,157$35,199View Details
School District of Oconee
20181,988avg: $35,102median: $34,542
School District of Oconee2018 1,988 $35,102$34,542View Details
School District of Oconee
20171,973avg: $34,680median: $34,200
School District of Oconee2017 1,973 $34,680$34,200View Details
Medical University Of Sc
20171,590avg: $93,724median: $81,172
Medical University Of Sc2017 1,590 $93,724$81,172View Details

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