South Carolina Employers

Employers Number 675

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
City of Walterboro
201912avg: $69,835median: $65,463
City of Walterboro2019 12 $69,835$65,463View Details
Governor's Office
201812avg: $96,645median: $93,493
Governor's Office2018 12 $96,645$93,493View Details
Dept Of Archives And History
201812avg: $62,789median: $55,988
Dept Of Archives And History2018 12 $62,789$55,988View Details
Human Affairs Commission
201812avg: $65,858median: $57,685
Human Affairs Commission2018 12 $65,858$57,685View Details
Election Commission
201712avg: $68,697median: $63,328
Election Commission2017 12 $68,697$63,328View Details
Secretary Of State
201712avg: $78,415median: $68,878
Secretary Of State2017 12 $78,415$68,878View Details
Governor's Office
201612avg: $91,234median: $88,119
Governor's Office2016 12 $91,234$88,119View Details
Secretary Of State
201612avg: $73,683median: $64,925
Secretary Of State2016 12 $73,683$64,925View Details
Governor's Office
201512avg: $90,323median: $89,045
Governor's Office2015 12 $90,323$89,045View Details
Election Commission
201811avg: $71,925median: $70,675
Election Commission2018 11 $71,925$70,675View Details
Sc Aeronautics
201811avg: $70,129median: $63,398
Sc Aeronautics2018 11 $70,129$63,398View Details
Denmark Technical College
201811avg: $67,844median: $57,923
Denmark Technical College2018 11 $67,844$57,923View Details
Secretary Of State
201811avg: $81,330median: $71,583
Secretary Of State2018 11 $81,330$71,583View Details
Governor's Office
201711avg: $96,489median: $91,985
Governor's Office2017 11 $96,489$91,985View Details
County of Jasper
201711avg: $74,680median: $70,734
County of Jasper2017 11 $74,680$70,734View Details
Sc Aeronautics
201711avg: $71,599median: $60,379
Sc Aeronautics2017 11 $71,599$60,379View Details
Election Commission
201611avg: $66,317median: $65,000
Election Commission2016 11 $66,317$65,000View Details
Sc Aeronautics
201611avg: $71,599median: $60,379
Sc Aeronautics2016 11 $71,599$60,379View Details
Williamsburg Technical College
201511avg: $69,701median: $61,350
Williamsburg Technical College2015 11 $69,701$61,350View Details
Secretary Of State
201511avg: $72,757median: $66,029
Secretary Of State2015 11 $72,757$66,029View Details

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