South Carolina Employers

Employers Number 675

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
City of Barnwell
20196avg: $59,479median: $55,700
City of Barnwell2019 6 $59,479$55,700View Details
Town of Lockhart
20176avg: $5,661median: $5,400
Town of Lockhart2017 6 $5,661$5,400View Details
South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank
20195avg: $87,913median: $73,440
South Carolina Transportation Infrastructure Bank2019 5 $87,913$73,440View Details
Discovery School of Lancaster
20195avg: $65,332median: $59,456
Discovery School of Lancaster2019 5 $65,332$59,456View Details
Town of Seabrook Island
20195avg: $57,976median: $67,584
Town of Seabrook Island2019 5 $57,976$67,584View Details
Allegro Charter School of Music
20195avg: $55,343median: $53,751
Allegro Charter School of Music2019 5 $55,343$53,751View Details
Charter School Of Tall Pines Stem Academy
20185avg: $63,200median: $60,000
Charter School Of Tall Pines Stem Academy2018 5 $63,200$60,000View Details
Town Of Perry
20185avg: $12,569median: $9,231
Town Of Perry2018 5 $12,569$9,231View Details
Town of Seabrook Island
20185avg: $55,744median: $65,598
Town of Seabrook Island2018 5 $55,744$65,598View Details
John De La Howe School
20175avg: $71,139median: $67,200
John De La Howe School2017 5 $71,139$67,200View Details
Ethics Commission
20155avg: $60,739median: $56,510
Ethics Commission2015 5 $60,739$56,510View Details
City Of Barnwell
20184avg: $59,913median: $59,498
City Of Barnwell2018 4 $59,913$59,498View Details
Human Affairs Commission
20154avg: $73,680median: $68,345
Human Affairs Commission2015 4 $73,680$68,345View Details
Riverwalk Academy
20193avg: $72,981median: $60,278
Riverwalk Academy2019 3 $72,981$60,278View Details
South Carolina Tuition Grants Commission
20193avg: $74,542median: $79,682
South Carolina Tuition Grants Commission2019 3 $74,542$79,682View Details
Patient Compensation
20183avg: $75,236median: $68,351
Patient Compensation2018 3 $75,236$68,351View Details
Town of Jefferson
20183avg: $35,831median: $33,856
Town of Jefferson2018 3 $35,831$33,856View Details
Charter School of Allegro Music
20183avg: $67,585median: $56,833
Charter School of Allegro Music2018 3 $67,585$56,833View Details
Patient Compensation
20173avg: $73,673median: $65,722
Patient Compensation2017 3 $73,673$65,722View Details
Patient Compensation
20163avg: $72,935median: $63,808
Patient Compensation2016 3 $72,935$63,808View Details

Employees Number

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