Pennsylvania Employers

Employers Number 8133

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Wolf Creek Township
201914avg: $4,092median: $468
Wolf Creek Township2019 14 $4,092$468View Details
Lower Augusta Township
201914avg: $2,962median: $900
Lower Augusta Township2019 14 $2,962$900View Details
Urban Academy Of Greater Pittsburgh Cs
201814avg: $46,829median: $45,000
Urban Academy Of Greater Pittsburgh Cs2018 14 $46,829$45,000View Details
Water Authority Of Harrison Township
201514avg: $39,980median: $38,821
Water Authority Of Harrison Township2015 14 $39,980$38,821View Details
North Central Secure Treatment Unt
201913avg: $59,916median: $60,466
North Central Secure Treatment Unt2019 13 $59,916$60,466View Details
Economy Borough Municipal Authority
201913avg: $25,340median: $5,891
Economy Borough Municipal Authority2019 13 $25,340$5,891View Details
Mahanoy Township Authority
201913avg: $35,165median: $39,574
Mahanoy Township Authority2019 13 $35,165$39,574View Details
East Union Township
201913avg: $4,304median: $2,475
East Union Township2019 13 $4,304$2,475View Details
Airport Authority of Johnstown-Cambria County
201713avg: $22,071median: $28,475
Airport Authority of Johnstown-Cambria County2017 13 $22,071$28,475View Details
Police Department of Jenkintown
201713avg: $85,691median: $83,857
Police Department of Jenkintown2017 13 $85,691$83,857View Details
Police Department of Washington Township
201713avg: $32,619median: $15,408
Police Department of Washington Township2017 13 $32,619$15,408View Details
Police Department Of Danville Borough
201613avg: $50,461median: $50,193
Police Department Of Danville Borough2016 13 $50,461$50,193View Details
Authority Of Western Butler County
201613avg: $31,163median: $35,259
Authority Of Western Butler County2016 13 $31,163$35,259View Details
Borough Of Pleasantville
201613avg: $13,215median: $2,948
Borough Of Pleasantville2016 13 $13,215$2,948View Details
Borough Of Blawnox
201613avg: $40,620median: $36,167
Borough Of Blawnox2016 13 $40,620$36,167View Details
Borough Of Red Hill
201613avg: $13,718median: $3,943
Borough Of Red Hill2016 13 $13,718$3,943View Details
Northumberland County Ctc
201613avg: $47,244median: $42,504
Northumberland County Ctc2016 13 $47,244$42,504View Details
Borough Of Rimersburg
201613avg: $10,798median: $350
Borough Of Rimersburg2016 13 $10,798$350View Details
Borough Of Big Run
201513avg: $1,454median: $780
Borough Of Big Run2015 13 $1,454$780View Details
Northumberland County Ctc
201513avg: $47,893median: $43,444
Northumberland County Ctc2015 13 $47,893$43,444View Details

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