California State Employee Salaries | Page 3

We have 422,119 California employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in California is $117,328 and median salary is $106,783. Look up California public employee salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Los Angeles by school name or teacher name.

California Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
20221,772avg: $116,833median: $99,621
Burbank2022 1,772 $116,833$99,621View Details
20221,738avg: $98,767median: $90,713
Oxnard2022 1,738 $98,767$90,713View Details
Santa Rosa
20221,720avg: $118,875median: $113,132
Santa Rosa2022 1,720 $118,875$113,132View Details
Santa Barbara
20221,700avg: $101,752median: $94,960
Santa Barbara2022 1,700 $101,752$94,960View Details
Santa Clara
20221,652avg: $158,009median: $139,947
Santa Clara2022 1,652 $158,009$139,947View Details
20221,642avg: $104,361median: $94,198
Modesto2022 1,642 $104,361$94,198View Details
20221,527avg: $82,222median: $48,811
Carlsbad2022 1,527 $82,222$48,811View Details
Cabrillo College
20221,450avg: $53,703median: $17,930
Cabrillo College2022 1,450 $53,703$17,930View Details
Mendocino County
20221,431avg: $96,652median: $91,010
Mendocino County2022 1,431 $96,652$91,010View Details
20221,425avg: $101,687median: $93,021
Oceanside2022 1,425 $101,687$93,021View Details
20221,357avg: $116,021median: $113,330
Sunnyvale2022 1,357 $116,021$113,330View Details
Newport Beach
20221,290avg: $119,023median: $104,691
Newport Beach2022 1,290 $119,023$104,691View Details
Palo Alto
20221,280avg: $159,188median: $158,654
Palo Alto2022 1,280 $159,188$158,654View Details
San Bernardino
20221,240avg: $120,958median: $98,632
San Bernardino2022 1,240 $120,958$98,632View Details
20221,227avg: $109,455median: $100,120
Redding2022 1,227 $109,455$100,120View Details
Lake County
20221,151avg: $70,500median: $68,510
Lake County2022 1,151 $70,500$68,510View Details
East Bay Regional Park District
20221,150avg: $92,228median: $102,502
East Bay Regional Park District2022 1,150 $92,228$102,502View Details
Tehama County
20221,117avg: $65,153median: $62,542
Tehama County2022 1,117 $65,153$62,542View Details
20221,108avg: $104,162median: $39,910
Alameda2022 1,108 $104,162$39,910View Details
20221,062avg: $117,382median: $95,104
Corona2022 1,062 $117,382$95,104View Details