Pennsylvania State Employee Salaries | Page 2

We have 172,708 Pennsylvania state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in PA is $73,938 and median salary is $73,066. Look up PA state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Philadelphia by school name or teacher name.

Pennsylvania Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
North Allegheny School District
2023777avg: $81,281median: $65,499
North Allegheny School District2023 777 $81,281$65,499View Details
Cumberland Valley School District
2023762avg: $66,575median: $66,223
Cumberland Valley School District2023 762 $66,575$66,223View Details
Pocono Mountain School District
2023736avg: $86,236median: $91,302
Pocono Mountain School District2023 736 $86,236$91,302View Details
Scranton School District
2023734avg: $68,901median: $80,105
Scranton School District2023 734 $68,901$80,105View Details
Hazleton Area School District
2023733avg: $72,929median: $75,013
Hazleton Area School District2023 733 $72,929$75,013View Details
State College Area School District
2023697avg: $81,212median: $80,843
State College Area School District2023 697 $81,212$80,843View Details
Abington School District
2023677avg: $96,062median: $95,617
Abington School District2023 677 $96,062$95,617View Details
Lancaster-Lebanon IU13
2023671avg: $80,991median: $78,469
Lancaster-Lebanon IU132023 671 $80,991$78,469View Details
Spring-Ford Area School District
2023669avg: $84,986median: $85,500
Spring-Ford Area School District2023 669 $84,986$85,500View Details
Easton Area School District
2023666avg: $86,962median: $92,090
Easton Area School District2023 666 $86,962$92,090View Details
Chambersburg Area School District
2023661avg: $72,695median: $73,997
Chambersburg Area School District2023 661 $72,695$73,997View Details
Seneca Valley School District
2023634avg: $90,295median: $95,405
Seneca Valley School District2023 634 $90,295$95,405View Details
West Shore School District
2023630avg: $75,528median: $75,545
West Shore School District2023 630 $75,528$75,545View Details
East Penn School District
2023627avg: $83,434median: $88,107
East Penn School District2023 627 $83,434$88,107View Details
Reach Cyber Charter School
2023627avg: $60,229median: $58,195
Reach Cyber Charter School2023 627 $60,229$58,195View Details
Allegheny Intermediate Unit
2023612avg: $68,983median: $63,685
Allegheny Intermediate Unit2023 612 $68,983$63,685View Details
Altoona Area School District
2023612avg: $63,214median: $60,384
Altoona Area School District2023 612 $63,214$60,384View Details
Neshaminy School District
2023611avg: $95,221median: $103,280
Neshaminy School District2023 611 $95,221$103,280View Details
East Stroudsburg Area School District
2023609avg: $79,546median: $85,010
East Stroudsburg Area School District2023 609 $79,546$85,010View Details
Norristown Area School District
2023591avg: $94,557median: $101,720
Norristown Area School District2023 591 $94,557$101,720View Details