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We have 84,643 South Carolina state salaries in our database. Average SC state employee salary is $67,878 and median salary is $63,180. Look up state South Carolina State Salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Charleston by school name or teacher name.

South Carolina Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
County Of Greenville
2018607avg: $69,913median: $63,440
County Of Greenville2018 607 $69,913$63,440View Details
School District of Sumter
2018602avg: $61,968median: $58,192
School District of Sumter2018 602 $61,968$58,192View Details
County of Oconee
2018555avg: $41,505median: $38,000
County of Oconee2018 555 $41,505$38,000View Details
School District Of Anderson 5
2018552avg: $62,797median: $58,665
School District Of Anderson 52018 552 $62,797$58,665View Details
Charter School of Anderson Five
2018552avg: $62,797median: $58,665
Charter School of Anderson Five2018 552 $62,797$58,665View Details
County Of Horry
2018513avg: $66,968median: $60,949
County Of Horry2018 513 $66,968$60,949View Details
Department Of Education
2018493avg: $69,649median: $66,342
Department Of Education2018 493 $69,649$66,342View Details
Department Of Corrections
2018476avg: $71,939median: $62,359
Department Of Corrections2018 476 $71,939$62,359View Details
School District of Spartanburg 5
2018434avg: $63,704median: $60,236
School District of Spartanburg 52018 434 $63,704$60,236View Details
School District Of Spartanburg 3
2018425avg: $46,778median: $46,000
School District Of Spartanburg 32018 425 $46,778$46,000View Details
School District Of Union
2018400avg: $45,616median: $46,000
School District Of Union2018 400 $45,616$46,000View Details
Department Of Public Safety
2018361avg: $61,985median: $58,805
Department Of Public Safety2018 361 $61,985$58,805View Details
City Of Mrytle Beach
2018352avg: $66,176median: $59,430
City Of Mrytle Beach2018 352 $66,176$59,430View Details
Vocational Rehabilitation
2018301avg: $67,958median: $61,666
Vocational Rehabilitation2018 301 $67,958$61,666View Details
Department Of Social Services
2018290avg: $67,041median: $62,264
Department Of Social Services2018 290 $67,041$62,264View Details
Governor's Off-Sled
2018284avg: $66,417median: $62,460
Governor's Off-Sled2018 284 $66,417$62,460View Details
School District of Spartanburg 1
2018267avg: $63,957median: $60,377
School District of Spartanburg 12018 267 $63,957$60,377View Details
Department Of Nat. Resources
2018245avg: $64,969median: $60,431
Department Of Nat. Resources2018 245 $64,969$60,431View Details
Sc Dept Juvenile Justice
2018241avg: $67,333median: $61,941
Sc Dept Juvenile Justice2018 241 $67,333$61,941View Details
Department Of Revenue
2018237avg: $70,521median: $66,484
Department Of Revenue2018 237 $70,521$66,484View Details