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We have 47,517 South Carolina state salaries in our database. Average SC state employee salary is $77,858 and median salary is $67,752. Look up state South Carolina State Salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Charleston by school name or teacher name.

South Carolina Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
County Of Fairfield
20181avg: $49,353median: $49,353
County Of Fairfield2018 1 $49,353$49,353View Details
School District of Richland 2
20171,424avg: $65,652median: $61,285
School District of Richland 22017 1,424 $65,652$61,285View Details
County of Lancaster
2017518avg: $40,510median: $38,279
County of Lancaster2017 518 $40,510$38,279View Details
County of Lexington
2017398avg: $56,634median: $56,565
County of Lexington2017 398 $56,634$56,565View Details
School District of Lexington 4
2017136avg: $64,876median: $59,335
School District of Lexington 42017 136 $64,876$59,335View Details
School District of Dorchester 4
2017114avg: $64,108median: $61,927
School District of Dorchester 42017 114 $64,108$61,927View Details
Charter School of Lowcounty Leadership
2017108avg: $5,788median: $5,034
Charter School of Lowcounty Leadership2017 108 $5,788$5,034View Details
City of Sumter
2017102avg: $68,159median: $61,670
City of Sumter2017 102 $68,159$61,670View Details
School District of Saluda
201798avg: $65,262median: $61,353
School District of Saluda2017 98 $65,262$61,353View Details
School District of Calhoun
201792avg: $60,980median: $56,297
School District of Calhoun2017 92 $60,980$56,297View Details
Charter School of Horse Creek Academy - Midland Valley Preparatory
201785avg: $26,596median: $25,000
Charter School of Horse Creek Academy - Midland Valley Preparatory2017 85 $26,596$25,000View Details
Charter School of Brashier Middle College
201767avg: $29,509median: $28,001
Charter School of Brashier Middle College2017 67 $29,509$28,001View Details
Charter School of Coastal Montessori
201761avg: $19,087median: $12,202
Charter School of Coastal Montessori2017 61 $19,087$12,202View Details
City of Inman
201739avg: $21,336median: $26,663
City of Inman2017 39 $21,336$26,663View Details
County of Williamsburg
201732avg: $62,630median: $57,921
County of Williamsburg2017 32 $62,630$57,921View Details
Charter School of Palmetto Academy of Motorsports High - PALM
201728avg: $36,856median: $37,217
Charter School of Palmetto Academy of Motorsports High - PALM2017 28 $36,856$37,217View Details
Town of Irmo
201720avg: $51,068median: $56,347
Town of Irmo2017 20 $51,068$56,347View Details
County of Jasper
201711avg: $74,680median: $70,734
County of Jasper2017 11 $74,680$70,734View Details
S C Conservation Bank
20171avg: $97,135median: $97,135
S C Conservation Bank2017 1 $97,135$97,135View Details