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We have 84,856 South Carolina state salaries in our database. Average SC state employee salary is $67,877 and median salary is $63,175. Look up state South Carolina State Salaries by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Charleston by school name or teacher name.

South Carolina Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Vocational Rehabilitation
2018301avg: $67,958median: $61,666
Vocational Rehabilitation2018 301 $67,958$61,666View Details
Department Of Social Services
2018290avg: $67,041median: $62,264
Department Of Social Services2018 290 $67,041$62,264View Details
Governor's Off-Sled
2018284avg: $66,417median: $62,460
Governor's Off-Sled2018 284 $66,417$62,460View Details
School District of Spartanburg 1
2018267avg: $63,957median: $60,377
School District of Spartanburg 12018 267 $63,957$60,377View Details
Department Of Nat. Resources
2018245avg: $64,969median: $60,431
Department Of Nat. Resources2018 245 $64,969$60,431View Details
Sc Dept Juvenile Justice
2018241avg: $67,333median: $61,941
Sc Dept Juvenile Justice2018 241 $67,333$61,941View Details
Department Of Revenue
2018237avg: $70,521median: $66,484
Department Of Revenue2018 237 $70,521$66,484View Details
County of Allendale
2018231avg: $16,452median: $11,075
County of Allendale2018 231 $16,452$11,075View Details
School District of Lexington 3
2018227avg: $51,748median: $50,211
School District of Lexington 32018 227 $51,748$50,211View Details
Dept Of Health And Human Svcs
2018224avg: $67,353median: $61,478
Dept Of Health And Human Svcs2018 224 $67,353$61,478View Details
County of Anderson
2018220avg: $66,268median: $60,156
County of Anderson2018 220 $66,268$60,156View Details
South Carolina State Univ
2018205avg: $74,038median: $67,322
South Carolina State Univ2018 205 $74,038$67,322View Details
Charter School Of South Carolina Connections Academy
2018183avg: $44,366median: $43,497
Charter School Of South Carolina Connections Academy2018 183 $44,366$43,497View Details
Charter School Of Orange Grove Elementary
2018180avg: $33,865median: $29,105
Charter School Of Orange Grove Elementary2018 180 $33,865$29,105View Details
Dept Of Disabilities&Spec Need
2018173avg: $69,222median: $59,572
Dept Of Disabilities&Spec Need2018 173 $69,222$59,572View Details
Dept Of Prob Parole & Pardon
2018156avg: $63,570median: $58,616
Dept Of Prob Parole & Pardon2018 156 $63,570$58,616View Details
County of Aiken
2018151avg: $63,720median: $57,983
County of Aiken2018 151 $63,720$57,983View Details
Horry-Georgetown Tech College
2018150avg: $65,750median: $58,775
Horry-Georgetown Tech College2018 150 $65,750$58,775View Details
School District of Clarendon 2
2018144avg: $64,556median: $60,838
School District of Clarendon 22018 144 $64,556$60,838View Details
School District of Spartanburg 4
2018144avg: $65,435median: $61,111
School District of Spartanburg 42018 144 $65,435$61,111View Details