Pennsylvania State Employee Salaries | Page 209

We have 347,561 Pennsylvania state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in PA is $67,916 and median salary is $66,660. Look up PA state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Philadelphia by school name or teacher name.

Pennsylvania Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Preparatory Cs Of Mathematics
201640avg: $62,086median: $53,833
Preparatory Cs Of Mathematics2016 40 $62,086$53,833View Details
Planet Abacus Cs
201639avg: $48,993median: $43,046
Planet Abacus Cs2016 39 $48,993$43,046View Details
Sanitary Authority Of Lower Lackawanna Valley
201639avg: $29,062median: $37,184
Sanitary Authority Of Lower Lackawanna Valley2016 39 $29,062$37,184View Details
Transit Authority Of Mid-county
201639avg: $19,574median: $15,412
Transit Authority Of Mid-county2016 39 $19,574$15,412View Details
Borough Of Stroudsburg
201639avg: $25,185median: $22,149
Borough Of Stroudsburg2016 39 $25,185$22,149View Details
Borough Of Shippensburg
201636avg: $48,771median: $45,467
Borough Of Shippensburg2016 36 $48,771$45,467View Details
Township Of Maidencreek
201635avg: $13,179median: $1,200
Township Of Maidencreek2016 35 $13,179$1,200View Details
Imani Education Circle Cs
201635avg: $51,310median: $46,000
Imani Education Circle Cs2016 35 $51,310$46,000View Details
Borough Of Lansford
201633avg: $15,942median: $6,958
Borough Of Lansford2016 33 $15,942$6,958View Details
Township Of Patterson
201632avg: $16,872median: $4,433
Township Of Patterson2016 32 $16,872$4,433View Details
Borough Of Montrose
201632avg: $12,056median: $5,030
Borough Of Montrose2016 32 $12,056$5,030View Details
Borough Of Lincoln
201632avg: $9,115median: $4,566
Borough Of Lincoln2016 32 $9,115$4,566View Details
Dr Robert Ketterer Cs
201631avg: $43,251median: $40,000
Dr Robert Ketterer Cs2016 31 $43,251$40,000View Details
Penn Hills Charter School For Entrepreneurship
201631avg: $45,103median: $42,530
Penn Hills Charter School For Entrepreneurship2016 31 $45,103$42,530View Details
Aviation Of Erie Regional Airport Authority
201631avg: $14,548median: $23
Aviation Of Erie Regional Airport Authority2016 31 $14,548$23View Details
Northside Urban Pathways Cs
201631avg: $44,019median: $43,000
Northside Urban Pathways Cs2016 31 $44,019$43,000View Details
Township Of Dallas
201631avg: $38,576median: $50,551
Township Of Dallas2016 31 $38,576$50,551View Details
Borough Of Mcadoo
201630avg: $9,171median: $3,335
Borough Of Mcadoo2016 30 $9,171$3,335View Details
Solid Waste Authority Of Delaware County
201630avg: $54,256median: $50,720
Solid Waste Authority Of Delaware County2016 30 $54,256$50,720View Details
Upper Bucks County Avts
201630avg: $92,111median: $88,221
Upper Bucks County Avts2016 30 $92,111$88,221View Details