Pennsylvania State Employee Salaries | Page 210

We have 347,561 Pennsylvania state employee salaries in our database. Average government employee salary in PA is $67,916 and median salary is $66,660. Look up PA state employee salary by name or employer, using form below. For example, search for teacher salaries in Philadelphia by school name or teacher name.

Pennsylvania Salaries

EmployerYearEmployees NumberAverage SalaryMedian Salary
Township Of Lamar
201629avg: $5,850median: $747
Township Of Lamar2016 29 $5,850$747View Details
Township Of Bradford
201629avg: $29,700median: $32,019
Township Of Bradford2016 29 $29,700$32,019View Details
Steel Center Avts
201628avg: $70,717median: $59,243
Steel Center Avts2016 28 $70,717$59,243View Details
Western Center For Technical Studies
201628avg: $69,547median: $70,280
Western Center For Technical Studies2016 28 $69,547$70,280View Details
Borough Of Camp Hill
201628avg: $64,921median: $57,733
Borough Of Camp Hill2016 28 $64,921$57,733View Details
Borough Of Scottdale
201627avg: $27,076median: $9,252
Borough Of Scottdale2016 27 $27,076$9,252View Details
Police Department Of Hampden Township
201626avg: $79,567median: $84,400
Police Department Of Hampden Township2016 26 $79,567$84,400View Details
Township Of East Earl
201626avg: $46,586median: $48,240
Township Of East Earl2016 26 $46,586$48,240View Details
Fayette County Avts
201626avg: $61,644median: $68,550
Fayette County Avts2016 26 $61,644$68,550View Details
Borough Of Girard
201626avg: $32,532median: $29,372
Borough Of Girard2016 26 $32,532$29,372View Details
Township Of West Vincent
201625avg: $45,983median: $48,543
Township Of West Vincent2016 25 $45,983$48,543View Details
Borough Of Braddock Hills
201624avg: $20,841median: $19,933
Borough Of Braddock Hills2016 24 $20,841$19,933View Details
Township Of Fannett
201624avg: $3,883median: $1,925
Township Of Fannett2016 24 $3,883$1,925View Details
Public Authority Of Northern Tier Regional Planning And Development
201623avg: $43,026median: $44,625
Public Authority Of Northern Tier Regional Planning And Development2016 23 $43,026$44,625View Details
Borough Of Saxonburg
201623avg: $30,709median: $33,001
Borough Of Saxonburg2016 23 $30,709$33,001View Details
Township Of Eden
201623avg: $6,147median: $360
Township Of Eden2016 23 $6,147$360View Details
Water District Of Valley Forge Sewer Authority
201623avg: $60,239median: $58,782
Water District Of Valley Forge Sewer Authority2016 23 $60,239$58,782View Details
Township Of Chestnuthill
201623avg: $43,096median: $51,239
Township Of Chestnuthill2016 23 $43,096$51,239View Details
Borough Of Bentleyville
201622avg: $13,708median: $5,517
Borough Of Bentleyville2016 22 $13,708$5,517View Details
Borough Of Bethel Park
201622avg: $69,516median: $63,320
Borough Of Bethel Park2016 22 $69,516$63,320View Details