County Salaries in Colorado

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Alamosa County
CO2020employees: 218average:$42,834
Alamosa CountyCO 218 $42,834View Salaries
County of Alamosa
CO2017employees: 217average:$39,418
County of AlamosaCO 217 $39,418View Salaries
County of Chaffee
CO2017employees: 311average:$31,340
County of ChaffeeCO 311 $31,340View Salaries
County of Cheyenne
CO2017employees: 78average:$23,650
County of CheyenneCO 78 $23,650View Salaries
County of Clear Creek
CO2017employees: 272average:$41,417
County of Clear CreekCO 272 $41,417View Salaries
County of Crowley
CO2017employees: 100average:$20,530
County of CrowleyCO 100 $20,530View Salaries
County of Delta
CO2017employees: 281average:$34,601
County of DeltaCO 281 $34,601View Salaries
County of Fremont
CO2017employees: 419average:$35,159
County of FremontCO 419 $35,159View Salaries
County of Garfield
CO2017employees: 580average:$48,620
County of GarfieldCO 580 $48,620View Salaries
County of Gilpin
CO2017employees: 239average:$33,207
County of GilpinCO 239 $33,207View Salaries
County of Grand
CO2017employees: 313average:$37,070
County of GrandCO 313 $37,070View Salaries
County of Gunnison
CO2017employees: 270average:$40,736
County of GunnisonCO 270 $40,736View Salaries
County of Hinsdale
CO2017employees: 63average:$27,750
County of HinsdaleCO 63 $27,750View Salaries
County of Kit Carson
CO2017employees: 184average:$25,771
County of Kit CarsonCO 184 $25,771View Salaries
County of Las Animas
CO2017employees: 137average:$31,927
County of Las AnimasCO 137 $31,927View Salaries
County of Logan
CO2017employees: 313average:$28,588
County of LoganCO 313 $28,588View Salaries
County of Mineral
CO2017employees: 84average:$17,343
County of MineralCO 84 $17,343View Salaries
County of Moffat
CO2017employees: 264average:$36,058
County of MoffatCO 264 $36,058View Salaries
County of Montezuma
CO2017employees: 213average:$36,144
County of MontezumaCO 213 $36,144View Salaries
County of Morgan
CO2017employees: 333average:$30,950
County of MorganCO 333 $30,950View Salaries
County of Otero
CO2017employees: 215average:$29,047
County of OteroCO 215 $29,047View Salaries
County of Ouray
CO2017employees: 74average:$44,207
County of OurayCO 74 $44,207View Salaries
County of Park
CO2017employees: 306average:$30,592
County of ParkCO 306 $30,592View Salaries
County of Phillips
CO2017employees: 90average:$26,693
County of PhillipsCO 90 $26,693View Salaries
County of Rio Grande
CO2017employees: 180average:$27,366
County of Rio GrandeCO 180 $27,366View Salaries
County of Saguache
CO2017employees: 111average:$25,919
County of SaguacheCO 111 $25,919View Salaries
County of San Juan
CO2017employees: 18average:$48,052
County of San JuanCO 18 $48,052View Salaries
County of San Miguel
CO2017employees: 142average:$54,687
County of San MiguelCO 142 $54,687View Salaries
County of Sedgwick
CO2017employees: 116average:$11,713
County of SedgwickCO 116 $11,713View Salaries
County of Summit
CO2017employees: 508average:$48,189
County of SummitCO 508 $48,189View Salaries
County of Teller
CO2017employees: 305average:$32,517
County of TellerCO 305 $32,517View Salaries
County of Washington
CO2017employees: 134average:$30,014
County of WashingtonCO 134 $30,014View Salaries
Montezuma County
CO2019employees: 203average:$38,086
Montezuma CountyCO 203 $38,086View Salaries
San Juan County
CO2020employees: 31average:$36,918
San Juan CountyCO 31 $36,918View Salaries
Washington County
CO2020employees: 238average:$27,834
Washington CountyCO 238 $27,834View Salaries
Chaffee County
CO2022employees: 387average:$37,385
Chaffee CountyCO 387 $37,385View Salaries
Cheyenne County
CO2022employees: 91average:$20,208
Cheyenne CountyCO 91 $20,208View Salaries
Costilla County
CO2022employees: 222average:$21,765
Costilla CountyCO 222 $21,765View Salaries
Garfield County
CO2022employees: 451average:$72,168
Garfield CountyCO 451 $72,168View Salaries
Gunnison County
CO2022employees: 290average:$48,824
Gunnison CountyCO 290 $48,824View Salaries
Hinsdale County
CO2022employees: 81average:$43,089
Hinsdale CountyCO 81 $43,089View Salaries
Logan County
CO2022employees: 288average:$34,687
Logan CountyCO 288 $34,687View Salaries
Moffat County
CO2022employees: 267average:$38,302
Moffat CountyCO 267 $38,302View Salaries
Morgan County
CO2022employees: 340average:$40,193
Morgan CountyCO 340 $40,193View Salaries
Phillips County
CO2022employees: 87average:$30,074
Phillips CountyCO 87 $30,074View Salaries
Routt County
CO2022employees: 432average:$52,735
Routt CountyCO 432 $52,735View Salaries
San Miguel County
CO2022employees: 222average:$40,733
San Miguel CountyCO 222 $40,733View Salaries
Sedgwick County
CO2022employees: 86average:$20,779
Sedgwick CountyCO 86 $20,779View Salaries
Summit County
CO2022employees: 626average:$59,131
Summit CountyCO 626 $59,131View Salaries
Kit Carson County
CO2022employees: 192average:$30,616
Kit Carson CountyCO 192 $30,616View Salaries
Rio Blanco County
CO2022employees: 204average:$34,896
Rio Blanco CountyCO 204 $34,896View Salaries
Clear Creek County
CO2023employees: 270average:$68,984
Clear Creek CountyCO 270 $68,984View Salaries
Crowley County
CO2023employees: 89average:$29,800
Crowley CountyCO 89 $29,800View Salaries
Delta County
CO2023employees: 348average:$41,963
Delta CountyCO 348 $41,963View Salaries
Fremont County
CO2023employees: 444average:$46,667
Fremont CountyCO 444 $46,667View Salaries
Grand County
CO2023employees: 365average:$51,016
Grand CountyCO 365 $51,016View Salaries
Las Animas County
CO2023employees: 131average:$37,550
Las Animas CountyCO 131 $37,550View Salaries
Mineral County
CO2023employees: 78average:$22,734
Mineral CountyCO 78 $22,734View Salaries
Otero County
CO2023employees: 210average:$39,613
Otero CountyCO 210 $39,613View Salaries
Ouray County
CO2023employees: 140average:$39,730
Ouray CountyCO 140 $39,730View Salaries