County Salaries in Indiana

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Benton County (Benton)
IN2018employees: 194average:$19,973
Benton County (Benton)IN 194 $19,973View Salaries
Blackford County (Blackford)
IN2018employees: 164average:$18,331
Blackford County (Blackford)IN 164 $18,331View Salaries
Brown County (Brown)
IN2018employees: 260average:$20,439
Brown County (Brown)IN 260 $20,439View Salaries
Carroll County (Carroll)
IN2018employees: 297average:$17,263
Carroll County (Carroll)IN 297 $17,263View Salaries
Clay County (Clay)
IN2018employees: 277average:$20,808
Clay County (Clay)IN 277 $20,808View Salaries
Crawford County (Crawford)
IN2018employees: 187average:$17,660
Crawford County (Crawford)IN 187 $17,660View Salaries
Fountain County (Fountain)
IN2018employees: 261average:$19,337
Fountain County (Fountain)IN 261 $19,337View Salaries
Franklin County (Franklin)
IN2018employees: 271average:$16,280
Franklin County (Franklin)IN 271 $16,280View Salaries
Fulton County (Fulton)
IN2018employees: 203average:$24,329
Fulton County (Fulton)IN 203 $24,329View Salaries
Gibson County (Gibson)
IN2018employees: 282average:$29,595
Gibson County (Gibson)IN 282 $29,595View Salaries
Huntington County (Huntington)
IN2018employees: 284average:$26,575
Huntington County (Huntington)IN 284 $26,575View Salaries
Jasper County (Jasper)
IN2018employees: 298average:$29,469
Jasper County (Jasper)IN 298 $29,469View Salaries
Jefferson County (Jefferson)
IN2018employees: 273average:$23,843
Jefferson County (Jefferson)IN 273 $23,843View Salaries
Jennings County (Jennings)
IN2018employees: 296average:$22,560
Jennings County (Jennings)IN 296 $22,560View Salaries
Lagrange County (Lagrange)
IN2018employees: 292average:$25,667
Lagrange County (Lagrange)IN 292 $25,667View Salaries
Martin County (Martin)
IN2018employees: 139average:$17,529
Martin County (Martin)IN 139 $17,529View Salaries
Miami County (Miami)
IN2018employees: 282average:$23,062
Miami County (Miami)IN 282 $23,062View Salaries
Montgomery County (Montgomery)
IN2018employees: 280average:$31,152
Montgomery County (Montgomery)IN 280 $31,152View Salaries
Ohio County (Ohio)
IN2018employees: 159average:$14,140
Ohio County (Ohio)IN 159 $14,140View Salaries
Orange County (Orange)
IN2018employees: 204average:$18,944
Orange County (Orange)IN 204 $18,944View Salaries
Owen County (Owen)
IN2018employees: 260average:$20,671
Owen County (Owen)IN 260 $20,671View Salaries
Parke County (Parke)
IN2018employees: 226average:$18,153
Parke County (Parke)IN 226 $18,153View Salaries
Perry County (Perry)
IN2018employees: 164average:$22,263
Perry County (Perry)IN 164 $22,263View Salaries
Pike County (Pike)
IN2018employees: 219average:$21,342
Pike County (Pike)IN 219 $21,342View Salaries
Posey County (Posey)
IN2018employees: 299average:$25,758
Posey County (Posey)IN 299 $25,758View Salaries
Rush County (Rush)
IN2018employees: 190average:$24,869
Rush County (Rush)IN 190 $24,869View Salaries
Scott County (Scott)
IN2018employees: 290average:$22,607
Scott County (Scott)IN 290 $22,607View Salaries
Spencer County (Spencer)
IN2018employees: 209average:$22,552
Spencer County (Spencer)IN 209 $22,552View Salaries
Switzerland County (Switzerland)
IN2018employees: 196average:$22,883
Switzerland County (Switzerland)IN 196 $22,883View Salaries
Tipton County
IN2021employees: 202average:$24,374
Tipton CountyIN 202 $24,374View Salaries
Tipton County (Tipton)
IN2018employees: 204average:$19,724
Tipton County (Tipton)IN 204 $19,724View Salaries
Union County (Union)
IN2018employees: 156average:$13,322
Union County (Union)IN 156 $13,322View Salaries
Vermillion County (Vermillion)
IN2018employees: 201average:$18,944
Vermillion County (Vermillion)IN 201 $18,944View Salaries
Wabash County (Wabash)
IN2018employees: 284average:$21,395
Wabash County (Wabash)IN 284 $21,395View Salaries
Warren County (Warren)
IN2018employees: 119average:$24,460
Warren County (Warren)IN 119 $24,460View Salaries
Washington County (Washington)
IN2018employees: 298average:$22,575
Washington County (Washington)IN 298 $22,575View Salaries
Wells County (Wells)
IN2018employees: 262average:$22,235
Wells County (Wells)IN 262 $22,235View Salaries
Benton County
IN2023employees: 181average:$26,481
Benton CountyIN 181 $26,481View Salaries
Blackford County
IN2023employees: 164average:$23,621
Blackford CountyIN 164 $23,621View Salaries
Brown County
IN2023employees: 193average:$30,533
Brown CountyIN 193 $30,533View Salaries
Crawford County
IN2023employees: 182average:$23,627
Crawford CountyIN 182 $23,627View Salaries
Franklin County
IN2023employees: 291average:$19,504
Franklin CountyIN 291 $19,504View Salaries
Fulton County
IN2023employees: 221average:$31,071
Fulton CountyIN 221 $31,071View Salaries
Martin County
IN2023employees: 183average:$20,869
Martin CountyIN 183 $20,869View Salaries
Noble County
IN2023employees: 304average:$41,660
Noble CountyIN 304 $41,660View Salaries
Ohio County
IN2023employees: 159average:$15,071
Ohio CountyIN 159 $15,071View Salaries
Orange County
IN2023employees: 210average:$24,126
Orange CountyIN 210 $24,126View Salaries
Owen County
IN2023employees: 249average:$27,436
Owen CountyIN 249 $27,436View Salaries
Parke County
IN2023employees: 221average:$25,205
Parke CountyIN 221 $25,205View Salaries
Perry County
IN2023employees: 167average:$25,498
Perry CountyIN 167 $25,498View Salaries
Pike County
IN2023employees: 247average:$24,248
Pike CountyIN 247 $24,248View Salaries
Rush County
IN2023employees: 239average:$24,716
Rush CountyIN 239 $24,716View Salaries
Southside Special Services Of Marion County
IN2023employees: 166average:$22,144
Southside Special Services Of Marion CountyIN 166 $22,144View Salaries
Spencer County
IN2023employees: 217average:$25,486
Spencer CountyIN 217 $25,486View Salaries
Switzerland County
IN2023employees: 203average:$25,324
Switzerland CountyIN 203 $25,324View Salaries
Union County
IN2023employees: 134average:$18,370
Union CountyIN 134 $18,370View Salaries
Vermillion County
IN2023employees: 245average:$21,254
Vermillion CountyIN 245 $21,254View Salaries
Warren County
IN2023employees: 133average:$31,989
Warren CountyIN 133 $31,989View Salaries
Washington County
IN2023employees: 289average:$29,552
Washington CountyIN 289 $29,552View Salaries
Wells County
IN2023employees: 244average:$29,699
Wells CountyIN 244 $29,699View Salaries