County Salaries in Oklahoma

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Atoka County
OK2021employees: 115average:$21,037
Atoka CountyOK 115 $21,037View Salaries
Choctaw County
OK2021employees: 100average:$26,868
Choctaw CountyOK 100 $26,868View Salaries
Cimarron County
OK2019employees: 86average:$18,587
Cimarron CountyOK 86 $18,587View Salaries
Cotton County
OK2021employees: 88average:$19,420
Cotton CountyOK 88 $19,420View Salaries
County Of Adair
OK2018employees: 142average:$15,518
County Of AdairOK 142 $15,518View Salaries
County Of Alfalfa
OK2018employees: 115average:$33,050
County Of AlfalfaOK 115 $33,050View Salaries
County Of Atoka
OK2018employees: 131average:$19,864
County Of AtokaOK 131 $19,864View Salaries
County Of Beaver
OK2018employees: 110average:$24,539
County Of BeaverOK 110 $24,539View Salaries
County Of Beckham
OK2018employees: 92average:$38,632
County Of BeckhamOK 92 $38,632View Salaries
County Of Blaine
OK2017employees: 128average:$25,032
County Of BlaineOK 128 $25,032View Salaries
County Of Choctaw
OK2018employees: 105average:$20,685
County Of ChoctawOK 105 $20,685View Salaries
County Of Coal
OK2018employees: 117average:$19,342
County Of CoalOK 117 $19,342View Salaries
County Of Cotton
OK2018employees: 82average:$18,287
County Of CottonOK 82 $18,287View Salaries
County Of Craig
OK2018employees: 126average:$24,178
County Of CraigOK 126 $24,178View Salaries
County Of Dewey
OK2018employees: 134average:$24,733
County Of DeweyOK 134 $24,733View Salaries
County Of Ellis
OK2018employees: 111average:$28,485
County Of EllisOK 111 $28,485View Salaries
County Of Greer
OK2018employees: 72average:$17,309
County Of GreerOK 72 $17,309View Salaries
County Of Harmon
OK2018employees: 58average:$13,244
County Of HarmonOK 58 $13,244View Salaries
County Of Harper
OK2018employees: 88average:$16,549
County Of HarperOK 88 $16,549View Salaries
County Of Jefferson
OK2018employees: 75average:$18,636
County Of JeffersonOK 75 $18,636View Salaries
County Of Kay
OK2018employees: 140average:$28,727
County Of KayOK 140 $28,727View Salaries
County Of Kiowa
OK2018employees: 105average:$18,403
County Of KiowaOK 105 $18,403View Salaries
County Of Latimer
OK2018employees: 135average:$17,018
County Of LatimerOK 135 $17,018View Salaries
County Of Love
OK2018employees: 129average:$21,574
County Of LoveOK 129 $21,574View Salaries
County Of Major
OK2018employees: 128average:$20,244
County Of MajorOK 128 $20,244View Salaries
County Of Mcclain
OK2018employees: 133average:$28,449
County Of McclainOK 133 $28,449View Salaries
County Of Murray
OK2018employees: 102average:$25,071
County Of MurrayOK 102 $25,071View Salaries
County Of Okfuskee
OK2018employees: 122average:$15,563
County Of OkfuskeeOK 122 $15,563View Salaries
County Of Pawnee
OK2018employees: 104average:$23,561
County Of PawneeOK 104 $23,561View Salaries
County Of Pushmataha
OK2018employees: 112average:$16,042
County Of PushmatahaOK 112 $16,042View Salaries
County Of Tillman
OK2018employees: 96average:$20,110
County Of TillmanOK 96 $20,110View Salaries
County Of Washington
OK2018employees: 94average:$26,766
County Of WashingtonOK 94 $26,766View Salaries
Love County
OK2022employees: 132average:$32,641
Love CountyOK 132 $32,641View Salaries
McClain County
OK2021employees: 143average:$29,162
McClain CountyOK 143 $29,162View Salaries
Beckham County
OK2022employees: 141average:$26,929
Beckham CountyOK 141 $26,929View Salaries
Alfalfa County
OK2023employees: 112average:$30,512
Alfalfa CountyOK 112 $30,512View Salaries
Beaver County
OK2023employees: 99average:$28,548
Beaver CountyOK 99 $28,548View Salaries
Coal County
OK2023employees: 115average:$22,073
Coal CountyOK 115 $22,073View Salaries
Dewey County
OK2023employees: 130average:$28,342
Dewey CountyOK 130 $28,342View Salaries
Greer County
OK2023employees: 73average:$18,395
Greer CountyOK 73 $18,395View Salaries
Harmon County
OK2023employees: 63average:$16,332
Harmon CountyOK 63 $16,332View Salaries
Kiowa County
OK2023employees: 91average:$22,772
Kiowa CountyOK 91 $22,772View Salaries
Major County
OK2022employees: 125average:$21,197
Major CountyOK 125 $21,197View Salaries
Latimer County
OK2023employees: 132average:$20,460
Latimer CountyOK 132 $20,460View Salaries
Okfuskee County
OK2023employees: 139average:$17,824
Okfuskee CountyOK 139 $17,824View Salaries
Pawnee County
OK2023employees: 113average:$25,042
Pawnee CountyOK 113 $25,042View Salaries
Tillman County
OK2023employees: 115average:$20,188
Tillman CountyOK 115 $20,188View Salaries
Blaine County
OK2023employees: 139average:$26,194
Blaine CountyOK 139 $26,194View Salaries
Ellis County
OK2023employees: 100average:$31,656
Ellis CountyOK 100 $31,656View Salaries
Grant County
OK2023employees: 100average:$27,021
Grant CountyOK 100 $27,021View Salaries
Hughes County
OK2023employees: 128average:$24,557
Hughes CountyOK 128 $24,557View Salaries
Jackson County
OK2023employees: 119average:$33,281
Jackson CountyOK 119 $33,281View Salaries
Jefferson County
OK2023employees: 73average:$22,473
Jefferson CountyOK 73 $22,473View Salaries
Johnston County
OK2023employees: 111average:$30,364
Johnston CountyOK 111 $30,364View Salaries
Kay County
OK2023employees: 150average:$32,512
Kay CountyOK 150 $32,512View Salaries
Murray County
OK2023employees: 97average:$32,291
Murray CountyOK 97 $32,291View Salaries
Nowata County
OK2023employees: 121average:$14,225
Nowata CountyOK 121 $14,225View Salaries
Pushmataha County
OK2023employees: 126average:$19,434
Pushmataha CountyOK 126 $19,434View Salaries
Washita County
OK2023employees: 118average:$29,729
Washita CountyOK 118 $29,729View Salaries
Woods County
OK2022employees: 112average:$30,685
Woods CountyOK 112 $30,685View Salaries