County Salaries in Ohio

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
County Of Butler
OH2014employees: 19average:$42,283
County Of ButlerOH 19 $42,283View Salaries
County Of Darke
OH2014employees: 1average:$45,182
County Of DarkeOH 1 $45,182View Salaries
County Of Fayette
OH2014employees: 3average:$29,996
County Of FayetteOH 3 $29,996View Salaries
County Of Greene
OH2014employees: 12average:$27,011
County Of GreeneOH 12 $27,011View Salaries
County Of Hardin
OH2014employees: 489average:$24,118
County Of HardinOH 489 $24,118View Salaries
County Of Huron
OH2014employees: 437average:$33,612
County Of HuronOH 437 $33,612View Salaries
County Of Mercer
OH2014employees: 431average:$30,434
County Of MercerOH 431 $30,434View Salaries
County Of Van Wert
OH2014employees: 329average:$28,322
County Of Van WertOH 329 $28,322View Salaries
County Of Vinton
OH2014employees: 240average:$21,506
County Of VintonOH 240 $21,506View Salaries
County Of Wood
OH2014employees: 4average:$43,790
County Of WoodOH 4 $43,790View Salaries
Emergency Medical District Of Madison County
OH2016employees: 52average:$19,667
Emergency Medical District Of Madison CountyOH 52 $19,667View Salaries
General Health District Of Columbiana County
OH2017employees: 19average:$40,470
General Health District Of Columbiana CountyOH 19 $40,470View Salaries
Greene County
OH2017employees: 24average:$19,520
Greene CountyOH 24 $19,520View Salaries
Health Department Of Wood County
OH2017employees: 66average:$36,836
Health Department Of Wood CountyOH 66 $36,836View Salaries
Health District Of Clark County
OH2016employees: 97average:$38,647
Health District Of Clark CountyOH 97 $38,647View Salaries
Health District Of Sandusky County
OH2017employees: 44average:$27,953
Health District Of Sandusky CountyOH 44 $27,953View Salaries
Health District Of Union County
OH2017employees: 42average:$43,648
Health District Of Union CountyOH 42 $43,648View Salaries
Life Skills Center Of Hamilton County
OH2015employees: 15average:$23,961
Life Skills Center Of Hamilton CountyOH 15 $23,961View Salaries
Life Skills Center Of Summit County
OH2014employees: 13average:$23,480
Life Skills Center Of Summit CountyOH 13 $23,480View Salaries
Life Skills Of Trumbull County
OH2014employees: 24average:$25,962
Life Skills Of Trumbull CountyOH 24 $25,962View Salaries
Logan County
OH2017employees: 508average:$1,378
Logan CountyOH 508 $1,378View Salaries
Lucas County
OH2016employees: 29average:$44,653
Lucas CountyOH 29 $44,653View Salaries
Madison County
OH2015employees: 327average:$40,304
Madison CountyOH 327 $40,304View Salaries
Marrow County
OH2017employees: 439average:$28,957
Marrow CountyOH 439 $28,957View Salaries
Meigs County
OH2017employees: 366average:$24,953
Meigs CountyOH 366 $24,953View Salaries
Metro Park District Of Columbus And Franklin County
OH2017employees: 424average:$24,033
Metro Park District Of Columbus And Franklin CountyOH 424 $24,033View Salaries
Monroe County
OH2017employees: 405average:$22,477
Monroe CountyOH 405 $22,477View Salaries
Montgomery County
OH2015employees: 32average:$42,372
Montgomery CountyOH 32 $42,372View Salaries
Pike County
OH2015employees: 416average:$25,149
Pike CountyOH 416 $25,149View Salaries
Port Authority Of Belmont County
OH2017employees: 2average:$52,500
Port Authority Of Belmont CountyOH 2 $52,500View Salaries
Port Authority Of Jefferson County
OH2017employees: 3average:$31,691
Port Authority Of Jefferson CountyOH 3 $31,691View Salaries
Port Authority Of Toledo-Lucas County
OH2017employees: 48average:$57,746
Port Authority Of Toledo-Lucas CountyOH 48 $57,746View Salaries
Preservation Park District Of Delaware County
OH2017employees: 32average:$49,552
Preservation Park District Of Delaware CountyOH 32 $49,552View Salaries
Van Wert County
OH2015employees: 395average:$23,564
Van Wert CountyOH 395 $23,564View Salaries
Vinton County
OH2016employees: 154average:$25,313
Vinton CountyOH 154 $25,313View Salaries
Wert County
OH2016employees: 392average:$22,890
Wert CountyOH 392 $22,890View Salaries
Adams County
OH2021employees: 313average:$32,450
Adams CountyOH 313 $32,450View Salaries
Ashland County
OH2022employees: 509average:$33,801
Ashland CountyOH 509 $33,801View Salaries
Auglaize County
OH2022employees: 405average:$43,497
Auglaize CountyOH 405 $43,497View Salaries
Brown County
OH2022employees: 402average:$39,423
Brown CountyOH 402 $39,423View Salaries
Butler County
OH2022employees: 19average:$50,576
Butler CountyOH 19 $50,576View Salaries
Champaign County
OH2022employees: 401average:$40,148
Champaign CountyOH 401 $40,148View Salaries
Clinton County
OH2021employees: 437average:$38,120
Clinton CountyOH 437 $38,120View Salaries
Columbiana County
OH2022employees: 49average:$67,714
Columbiana CountyOH 49 $67,714View Salaries
Crawford County
OH2022employees: 489average:$34,257
Crawford CountyOH 489 $34,257View Salaries
Darke County
OH2022employees: 461average:$38,377
Darke CountyOH 461 $38,377View Salaries
Defiance County
OH2022employees: 454average:$35,458
Defiance CountyOH 454 $35,458View Salaries
Geauga County
OH2022employees: 66average:$48,665
Geauga CountyOH 66 $48,665View Salaries
Hardin County
OH2022employees: 493average:$30,318
Hardin CountyOH 493 $30,318View Salaries
Henry County
OH2021employees: 384average:$32,576
Henry CountyOH 384 $32,576View Salaries
Hocking County
OH2021employees: 389average:$33,673
Hocking CountyOH 389 $33,673View Salaries
Holmes County
OH2022employees: 475average:$34,225
Holmes CountyOH 475 $34,225View Salaries
Lawrence County
OH2022employees: 504average:$42,086
Lawrence CountyOH 504 $42,086View Salaries
Mercer County
OH2021employees: 388average:$40,025
Mercer CountyOH 388 $40,025View Salaries
Morrow County
OH2021employees: 446average:$30,858
Morrow CountyOH 446 $30,858View Salaries
Noble County
OH2020employees: 222average:$32,438
Noble CountyOH 222 $32,438View Salaries
Paulding County
OH2022employees: 229average:$34,203
Paulding CountyOH 229 $34,203View Salaries
Pickaway County
OH2021employees: 466average:$39,061
Pickaway CountyOH 466 $39,061View Salaries
Putnam County
OH2021employees: 497average:$29,618
Putnam CountyOH 497 $29,618View Salaries
Wyandot County
OH2022employees: 469average:$30,417
Wyandot CountyOH 469 $30,417View Salaries