County Salaries in Idaho

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
County of Adams
ID2017employees: 73average:$41,661
County of AdamsID 73 $41,661View Salaries
County of Bannock
ID2018employees: 416average:$41,317
County of BannockID 416 $41,317View Salaries
County Of Bear Lake
ID2018employees: 94average:$26,741
County Of Bear LakeID 94 $26,741View Salaries
County Of Benewah
ID2018employees: 105average:$25,419
County Of BenewahID 105 $25,419View Salaries
County Of Bingham
ID2018employees: 233average:$44,037
County Of BinghamID 233 $44,037View Salaries
County of Blaine
ID2019employees: 190average:$60,820
County of BlaineID 190 $60,820View Salaries
County Of Boundary
ID2018employees: 139average:$32,332
County Of BoundaryID 139 $32,332View Salaries
County Of Cassia
ID2018employees: 212average:$31,186
County Of CassiaID 212 $31,186View Salaries
County of Clearwater
ID2018employees: 176average:$15,917
County of ClearwaterID 176 $15,917View Salaries
County Of Elmore
ID2018employees: 228average:$28,793
County Of ElmoreID 228 $28,793View Salaries
County of Gem
ID2018employees: 105average:$40,848
County of GemID 105 $40,848View Salaries
County Of Gooding
ID2016employees: 250average:$30,514
County Of GoodingID 250 $30,514View Salaries
County Of Jefferson
ID2016employees: 278average:$37,759
County Of JeffersonID 278 $37,759View Salaries
County of Latah
ID2018employees: 196average:$41,945
County of LatahID 196 $41,945View Salaries
County of Lemhi
ID2018employees: 101average:$32,449
County of LemhiID 101 $32,449View Salaries
County Of Lewis
ID2016employees: 86average:$27,033
County Of LewisID 86 $27,033View Salaries
County Of Lincoln
ID2018employees: 45average:$26,550
County Of LincolnID 45 $26,550View Salaries
County Of Minidoka
ID2016employees: 165average:$19,943
County Of MinidokaID 165 $19,943View Salaries
County Of Owyhee
ID2018employees: 93average:$29,046
County Of OwyheeID 93 $29,046View Salaries
County Of Payette
ID2018employees: 125average:$36,571
County Of PayetteID 125 $36,571View Salaries
County Of Shoshone
ID2018employees: 176average:$25,765
County Of ShoshoneID 176 $25,765View Salaries
County Of Teton
ID2018employees: 78average:$42,417
County Of TetonID 78 $42,417View Salaries
County Of Twin Falls
ID2018employees: 507average:$39,062
County Of Twin FallsID 507 $39,062View Salaries
County of Valley
ID2018employees: 117average:$44,980
County of ValleyID 117 $44,980View Salaries
County Of Washington
ID2018employees: 95average:$34,018
County Of WashingtonID 95 $34,018View Salaries
Bear Lake County
ID2022employees: 113average:$26,318
Bear Lake CountyID 113 $26,318View Salaries
Benewah County
ID2022employees: 154average:$21,521
Benewah CountyID 154 $21,521View Salaries
Bingham County
ID2022employees: 197average:$46,341
Bingham CountyID 197 $46,341View Salaries
Blaine County
ID2022employees: 189average:$80,050
Blaine CountyID 189 $80,050View Salaries
Bonner County
ID2022employees: 457average:$55,224
Bonner CountyID 457 $55,224View Salaries
Boundary County
ID2022employees: 150average:$41,587
Boundary CountyID 150 $41,587View Salaries
Cassia County
ID2022employees: 201average:$44,352
Cassia CountyID 201 $44,352View Salaries
Clearwater County
ID2022employees: 166average:$30,469
Clearwater CountyID 166 $30,469View Salaries
County of Butte
ID2022employees: 53average:$40,027
County of ButteID 53 $40,027View Salaries
Gem County
ID2022employees: 120average:$45,740
Gem CountyID 120 $45,740View Salaries
Jefferson County
ID2022employees: 164average:$53,762
Jefferson CountyID 164 $53,762View Salaries
Lewis County
ID2022employees: 46average:$27,076
Lewis CountyID 46 $27,076View Salaries
Lincoln County
ID2022employees: 41average:$44,699
Lincoln CountyID 41 $44,699View Salaries
Minidoka County
ID2022employees: 109average:$46,603
Minidoka CountyID 109 $46,603View Salaries
Owyhee County
ID2022employees: 70average:$48,427
Owyhee CountyID 70 $48,427View Salaries
Teton County
ID2022employees: 92average:$48,312
Teton CountyID 92 $48,312View Salaries
Twin Falls County
ID2022employees: 439average:$52,327
Twin Falls CountyID 439 $52,327View Salaries
Valley County
ID2022employees: 140average:$56,374
Valley CountyID 140 $56,374View Salaries
Washington County
ID2022employees: 110average:$42,775
Washington CountyID 110 $42,775View Salaries
Adams County
ID2022employees: 75average:$45,510
Adams CountyID 75 $45,510View Salaries
Elmore County
ID2022employees: 236average:$44,402
Elmore CountyID 236 $44,402View Salaries
Latah County
ID2022employees: 163average:$61,958
Latah CountyID 163 $61,958View Salaries
Lemhi County
ID2022employees: 94average:$42,485
Lemhi CountyID 94 $42,485View Salaries
Shoshone County
ID2022employees: 155average:$41,497
Shoshone CountyID 155 $41,497View Salaries
Boise County
ID2022employees: 117average:$36,542
Boise CountyID 117 $36,542View Salaries
Camas County
ID2022employees: 37average:$30,645
Camas CountyID 37 $30,645View Salaries
Caribou County
ID2022employees: 131average:$36,771
Caribou CountyID 131 $36,771View Salaries
Clark County
ID2022employees: 13average:$38,416
Clark CountyID 13 $38,416View Salaries
Franklin County
ID2022employees: 76average:$46,600
Franklin CountyID 76 $46,600View Salaries
Fremont County
ID2022employees: 283average:$36,690
Fremont CountyID 283 $36,690View Salaries
Gooding County
ID2022employees: 123average:$40,509
Gooding CountyID 123 $40,509View Salaries
Jerome County
ID2022employees: 138average:$51,397
Jerome CountyID 138 $51,397View Salaries
Nez Perce County
ID2022employees: 249average:$57,464
Nez Perce CountyID 249 $57,464View Salaries
Oneida County
ID2022employees: 97average:$24,751
Oneida CountyID 97 $24,751View Salaries
Power County
ID2022employees: 129average:$32,081
Power CountyID 129 $32,081View Salaries