County Salaries in Tennessee

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Cannon County
TN2020employees: 131average:$14,399
Cannon CountyTN 131 $14,399View Salaries
County Of Anderson
TN2018employees: 499average:$34,621
County Of AndersonTN 499 $34,621View Salaries
County Of Bedford
TN2018employees: 251average:$40,051
County Of BedfordTN 251 $40,051View Salaries
County Of Bradley
TN2018employees: 544average:$38,190
County Of BradleyTN 544 $38,190View Salaries
County of Carroll
TN2018employees: 168average:$30,240
County of CarrollTN 168 $30,240View Salaries
County Of Carter
TN2018employees: 503average:$17,015
County Of CarterTN 503 $17,015View Salaries
County Of Cheatham
TN2018employees: 318average:$32,039
County Of CheathamTN 318 $32,039View Salaries
County Of Dickson
TN2018employees: 309average:$40,499
County Of DicksonTN 309 $40,499View Salaries
County of Humphreys
TN2022employees: 104average:$41,245
County of HumphreysTN 104 $41,245View Salaries
County of Jefferson
TN2018employees: 561average:$20,918
County of JeffersonTN 561 $20,918View Salaries
County Of Loudon
TN2018employees: 201average:$39,451
County Of LoudonTN 201 $39,451View Salaries
County Of Madison
TN2018employees: 645average:$41,233
County Of MadisonTN 645 $41,233View Salaries
County Of Marshall
TN2018employees: 291average:$28,207
County Of MarshallTN 291 $28,207View Salaries
County Of Maury
TN2018employees: 443average:$39,863
County Of MauryTN 443 $39,863View Salaries
County of Moore
TN2018employees: 106average:$22,342
County of MooreTN 106 $22,342View Salaries
County Of Morgan
TN2018employees: 218average:$20,853
County Of MorganTN 218 $20,853View Salaries
County Of Perry
TN2018employees: 136average:$21,558
County Of PerryTN 136 $21,558View Salaries
County of Putnam
TN2018employees: 399average:$40,541
County of PutnamTN 399 $40,541View Salaries
County Of Robertson
TN2018employees: 431average:$34,225
County Of RobertsonTN 431 $34,225View Salaries
County of Trousdale
TN2018employees: 89average:$29,589
County of TrousdaleTN 89 $29,589View Salaries
County Of Washington
TN2018employees: 456average:$36,452
County Of WashingtonTN 456 $36,452View Salaries
County of Wilson
TN2018employees: 680average:$46,321
County of WilsonTN 680 $46,321View Salaries
Dickson County
TN2022employees: 343average:$45,197
Dickson CountyTN 343 $45,197View Salaries
Fayette County
TN2022employees: 366average:$30,946
Fayette CountyTN 366 $30,946View Salaries
Fentress County
TN2022employees: 296average:$21,079
Fentress CountyTN 296 $21,079View Salaries
Gibson County
TN2021employees: 444average:$23,408
Gibson CountyTN 444 $23,408View Salaries
Hamilton County
TN2020employees: 1average:$125,889
Hamilton CountyTN 1 $125,889View Salaries
Henderson County
TN2022employees: 386average:$19,743
Henderson CountyTN 386 $19,743View Salaries
Loudon County
TN2022employees: 471average:$26,766
Loudon CountyTN 471 $26,766View Salaries
Monroe County
TN2021employees: 546average:$10,922
Monroe CountyTN 546 $10,922View Salaries
Moore County
TN2021employees: 138average:$22,488
Moore CountyTN 138 $22,488View Salaries
Overton County
TN2022employees: 251average:$2,264
Overton CountyTN 251 $2,264View Salaries
Perry County
TN2021employees: 160average:$24,487
Perry CountyTN 160 $24,487View Salaries
Smith County
TN2020employees: 76average:$26,995
Smith CountyTN 76 $26,995View Salaries
Soil Conservation District Of Grundy County
TN2018employees: 1average:$21,831
Soil Conservation District Of Grundy CountyTN 1 $21,831View Salaries
Solid Waste Of Dickson County
TN2018employees: 32average:$18,345
Solid Waste Of Dickson CountyTN 32 $18,345View Salaries
Solid Waste Of Weakley County
TN2018employees: 3average:$2,160
Solid Waste Of Weakley CountyTN 3 $2,160View Salaries
Stewart County
TN2022employees: 291average:$21,089
Stewart CountyTN 291 $21,089View Salaries
Anderson County
TN2022employees: 554average:$38,680
Anderson CountyTN 554 $38,680View Salaries
Bedford County
TN2022employees: 490average:$29,690
Bedford CountyTN 490 $29,690View Salaries
Carter County
TN2022employees: 551average:$19,517
Carter CountyTN 551 $19,517View Salaries
Cheatham County
TN2022employees: 435average:$35,115
Cheatham CountyTN 435 $35,115View Salaries
Clay County
TN2022employees: 92average:$600
Clay CountyTN 92 $600View Salaries
Cocke County
TN2022employees: 399average:$23,868
Cocke CountyTN 399 $23,868View Salaries
Dyer County
TN2022employees: 211average:$37,145
Dyer CountyTN 211 $37,145View Salaries
Franklin County
TN2022employees: 564average:$20,201
Franklin CountyTN 564 $20,201View Salaries
Houston County
TN2022employees: 160average:$18,560
Houston CountyTN 160 $18,560View Salaries
Jefferson County
TN2022employees: 540average:$30,162
Jefferson CountyTN 540 $30,162View Salaries
Lawrence County
TN2022employees: 482average:$25,258
Lawrence CountyTN 482 $25,258View Salaries
Lewis County
TN2022employees: 136average:$6,841
Lewis CountyTN 136 $6,841View Salaries
Marshall County
TN2022employees: 296average:$35,618
Marshall CountyTN 296 $35,618View Salaries
Maury County
TN2022employees: 676average:$40,362
Maury CountyTN 676 $40,362View Salaries
Mcminn County
TN2022employees: 13average:$17,901
Mcminn CountyTN 13 $17,901View Salaries
Mcnairy County
TN2022employees: 54average:$39,447
Mcnairy CountyTN 54 $39,447View Salaries
Meigs County
TN2022employees: 194average:$24,461
Meigs CountyTN 194 $24,461View Salaries
Roane County
TN2022employees: 472average:$30,095
Roane CountyTN 472 $30,095View Salaries
Scott County
TN2022employees: 440average:$16,316
Scott CountyTN 440 $16,316View Salaries
Trousdale County
TN2022employees: 123average:$37,184
Trousdale CountyTN 123 $37,184View Salaries
Unicoi County
TN2022employees: 113average:$33,217
Unicoi CountyTN 113 $33,217View Salaries
Coffee County
TN2023employees: 294average:$46,614
Coffee CountyTN 294 $46,614View Salaries