County Salaries in Oregon

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Coos County
OR2022employees: 313average:$63,890
Coos CountyOR 313 $63,890View Salaries
County of Benton
OR2017employees: 691average:$44,606
County of BentonOR 691 $44,606View Salaries
County of Clackamas
OR2017employees: 2745average:$58,999
County of ClackamasOR 2,745 $58,999View Salaries
County Of Columbia
OR2016employees: 182average:$50,842
County Of ColumbiaOR 182 $50,842View Salaries
County Of Coos
OR2018employees: 314average:$55,057
County Of CoosOR 314 $55,057View Salaries
County Of Crook
OR2015employees: 196average:$47,424
County Of CrookOR 196 $47,424View Salaries
County of Curry
OR2017employees: 126average:$61,504
County of CurryOR 126 $61,504View Salaries
County of Deschutes
OR2017employees: 957average:$67,654
County of DeschutesOR 957 $67,654View Salaries
County Of Gilliam
OR2016employees: 52average:$41,882
County Of GilliamOR 52 $41,882View Salaries
County Of Grant
OR2016employees: 125average:$28,579
County Of GrantOR 125 $28,579View Salaries
County Of Harney
OR2015employees: 114average:$36,150
County Of HarneyOR 114 $36,150View Salaries
County Of Jackson
OR2018employees: 1158average:$42,921
County Of JacksonOR 1,158 $42,921View Salaries
County Of Jefferson
OR2018employees: 127average:$53,953
County Of JeffersonOR 127 $53,953View Salaries
County of Klamath
OR2017employees: 546average:$36,158
County of KlamathOR 546 $36,158View Salaries
County Of Lake
OR2016employees: 140average:$28,889
County Of LakeOR 140 $28,889View Salaries
County Of Lane
OR2018employees: 2243average:$45,024
County Of LaneOR 2,243 $45,024View Salaries
County Of Lincoln
OR2016employees: 373average:$56,548
County Of LincolnOR 373 $56,548View Salaries
County Of Linn
OR2018employees: 983average:$43,299
County Of LinnOR 983 $43,299View Salaries
County Of Malheur
OR2018employees: 169average:$3,842
County Of MalheurOR 169 $3,842View Salaries
County of Marion
OR2018employees: 1564average:$56,280
County of MarionOR 1,564 $56,280View Salaries
County Of Morrow
OR2018employees: 106average:$56,915
County Of MorrowOR 106 $56,915View Salaries
County of Multnomah
OR2017employees: 1164average:$96,914
County of MultnomahOR 1,164 $96,914View Salaries
County Of Polk
OR2018employees: 294average:$55,499
County Of PolkOR 294 $55,499View Salaries
County Of Tillamook
OR2017employees: 233average:$4,612
County Of TillamookOR 233 $4,612View Salaries
County of Umatilla
OR2017employees: 400average:$41,774
County of UmatillaOR 400 $41,774View Salaries
County Of Wasco
OR2016employees: 84average:$52,733
County Of WascoOR 84 $52,733View Salaries
County Of Washington
OR2018employees: 2317average:$65,032
County Of WashingtonOR 2,317 $65,032View Salaries
County of Wheeler
OR2017employees: 27average:$33,497
County of WheelerOR 27 $33,497View Salaries
County of Yamhill
OR2018employees: 948average:$33,056
County of YamhillOR 948 $33,056View Salaries
Emergency Communications District of Klamath County
OR2018employees: 19average:$40,763
Emergency Communications District of Klamath CountyOR 19 $40,763View Salaries
Health District Of Harney County
OR2015employees: 218average:$48,122
Health District Of Harney CountyOR 218 $48,122View Salaries
Health District Of Morrow County
OR2015employees: 143average:$35,243
Health District Of Morrow CountyOR 143 $35,243View Salaries
Health District Of Sherman County
OR2015employees: 5average:$31,713
Health District Of Sherman CountyOR 5 $31,713View Salaries
Jefferson County
OR2022employees: 129average:$62,180
Jefferson CountyOR 129 $62,180View Salaries
Klamath County
OR2022employees: 563average:$55,973
Klamath CountyOR 563 $55,973View Salaries
Linn County
OR2022employees: 937average:$54,273
Linn CountyOR 937 $54,273View Salaries
Morrow County
OR2017employees: 104average:$55,166
Morrow CountyOR 104 $55,166View Salaries
Mosquito Control District Of Lane County
OR2015employees: 15average:$34,199
Mosquito Control District Of Lane CountyOR 15 $34,199View Salaries
Mosquito Control District Of Washington County
OR2015employees: 3average:$32,504
Mosquito Control District Of Washington CountyOR 3 $32,504View Salaries
Recreation District Of North County
OR2015employees: 55average:$9,384
Recreation District Of North CountyOR 55 $9,384View Salaries
Service District Of Black Butte Ranch County
OR2015employees: 8average:$55,582
Service District Of Black Butte Ranch CountyOR 8 $55,582View Salaries
Vector Control District of Jackson County
OR2017employees: 15average:$22,733
Vector Control District of Jackson CountyOR 15 $22,733View Salaries
Vector Control of Multnomah County
OR2017employees: 1169average:$96,762
Vector Control of Multnomah CountyOR 1,169 $96,762View Salaries
Lane County
OR2022employees: 2489average:$51,485
Lane CountyOR 2,489 $51,485View Salaries
Washington County
OR2022employees: 2544average:$79,663
Washington CountyOR 2,544 $79,663View Salaries
Benton County
OR2023employees: 747average:$57,983
Benton CountyOR 747 $57,983View Salaries
Malheur County
OR2023employees: 180average:$52,203
Malheur CountyOR 180 $52,203View Salaries
Polk County
OR2023employees: 571average:$64,319
Polk CountyOR 571 $64,319View Salaries
Wheeler County
OR2023employees: 30average:$42,637
Wheeler CountyOR 30 $42,637View Salaries
Jackson County
OR2023employees: 1164average:$54,712
Jackson CountyOR 1,164 $54,712View Salaries
Multnomah County
OR2023employees: 6081average:$82,590
Multnomah CountyOR 6,081 $82,590View Salaries
Yamhill County
OR2023employees: 775average:$62,766
Yamhill CountyOR 775 $62,766View Salaries
Clackamas County
OR2023employees: 2973average:$70,695
Clackamas CountyOR 2,973 $70,695View Salaries
Umatilla County
OR2023employees: 329average:$73,993
Umatilla CountyOR 329 $73,993View Salaries
County of Douglas
OR2023employees: 773average:$45,439
County of DouglasOR 773 $45,439View Salaries
Marion County
OR2023employees: 1685average:$66,708
Marion CountyOR 1,685 $66,708View Salaries
Columbia County
OR2023employees: 252average:$68,156
Columbia CountyOR 252 $68,156View Salaries