County Salaries in New Jersey

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Bayshore Outfall Authority Of Monmouth County
NJ2016employees: 18average:$27,179
Bayshore Outfall Authority Of Monmouth CountyNJ 18 $27,179View Salaries
Conservation District Of Mercer County
NJ2015employees: 5average:$56,633
Conservation District Of Mercer CountyNJ 5 $56,633View Salaries
Conservation District Of Ocean County
NJ2015employees: 10average:$70,690
Conservation District Of Ocean CountyNJ 10 $70,690View Salaries
Conservation District Of Sussex County
NJ2016employees: 4average:$37,285
Conservation District Of Sussex CountyNJ 4 $37,285View Salaries
County Of Burlington
NJ2016employees: 221average:$25,076
County Of BurlingtonNJ 221 $25,076View Salaries
County Of Cape May
NJ2016employees: 1141average:$46,253
County Of Cape MayNJ 1,141 $46,253View Salaries
County Of Cumberland
NJ2015employees: 1097average:$41,696
County Of CumberlandNJ 1,097 $41,696View Salaries
County Of Gloucester
NJ2016employees: 1524average:$54,672
County Of GloucesterNJ 1,524 $54,672View Salaries
County Of Hunterdon
NJ2016employees: 617average:$51,744
County Of HunterdonNJ 617 $51,744View Salaries
County Of Salem
NJ2016employees: 616average:$51,806
County Of SalemNJ 616 $51,806View Salaries
County Of Somerset
NJ2016employees: 1429average:$56,211
County Of SomersetNJ 1,429 $56,211View Salaries
County Of Sussex
NJ2016employees: 548average:$56,725
County Of SussexNJ 548 $56,725View Salaries
County Of Warren
NJ2015employees: 573average:$52,225
County Of WarrenNJ 573 $52,225View Salaries
Improvement Authority Of Cumberland County
NJ2016employees: 63average:$39,034
Improvement Authority Of Cumberland CountyNJ 63 $39,034View Salaries
Improvement Authority Of Essex County
NJ2016employees: 33average:$34,535
Improvement Authority Of Essex CountyNJ 33 $34,535View Salaries
Improvement Authority Of Gloucester County
NJ2016employees: 257average:$35,981
Improvement Authority Of Gloucester CountyNJ 257 $35,981View Salaries
Improvement Authority Of Salem County
NJ2016employees: 23average:$34,960
Improvement Authority Of Salem CountyNJ 23 $34,960View Salaries
Improvement Authority Of Union County
NJ2016employees: 6average:$66,674
Improvement Authority Of Union CountyNJ 6 $66,674View Salaries
Judiciary / Bergen County
NJ2018employees: 499average:$63,466
Judiciary / Bergen CountyNJ 499 $63,466View Salaries
Judiciary / Burlington County
NJ2018employees: 356average:$62,873
Judiciary / Burlington CountyNJ 356 $62,873View Salaries
Judiciary / Cumberland County
NJ2018employees: 220average:$61,787
Judiciary / Cumberland CountyNJ 220 $61,787View Salaries
Judiciary / Essex County
NJ2018employees: 855average:$64,402
Judiciary / Essex CountyNJ 855 $64,402View Salaries
Judiciary / Gloucester County
NJ2018employees: 243average:$65,015
Judiciary / Gloucester CountyNJ 243 $65,015View Salaries
Judiciary / Hudson County
NJ2018employees: 514average:$61,506
Judiciary / Hudson CountyNJ 514 $61,506View Salaries
Judiciary / Hunterdon County
NJ2018employees: 66average:$67,569
Judiciary / Hunterdon CountyNJ 66 $67,569View Salaries
Judiciary / Mercer County
NJ2018employees: 356average:$64,045
Judiciary / Mercer CountyNJ 356 $64,045View Salaries
Judiciary / Middlesex County
NJ2018employees: 536average:$60,219
Judiciary / Middlesex CountyNJ 536 $60,219View Salaries
Judiciary / Monmouth County
NJ2018employees: 408average:$63,361
Judiciary / Monmouth CountyNJ 408 $63,361View Salaries
Judiciary / Morris County
NJ2018employees: 272average:$63,343
Judiciary / Morris CountyNJ 272 $63,343View Salaries
Judiciary / Ocean County
NJ2018employees: 408average:$61,593
Judiciary / Ocean CountyNJ 408 $61,593View Salaries
Judiciary / Passaic County
NJ2018employees: 458average:$61,502
Judiciary / Passaic CountyNJ 458 $61,502View Salaries
Judiciary / Salem County
NJ2018employees: 88average:$63,853
Judiciary / Salem CountyNJ 88 $63,853View Salaries
Judiciary / Somerset County
NJ2018employees: 193average:$63,021
Judiciary / Somerset CountyNJ 193 $63,021View Salaries
Judiciary / Sussex County
NJ2018employees: 97average:$68,218
Judiciary / Sussex CountyNJ 97 $68,218View Salaries
Judiciary / Union County
NJ2018employees: 414average:$63,326
Judiciary / Union CountyNJ 414 $63,326View Salaries
Judiciary / Warren County
NJ2018employees: 78average:$65,445
Judiciary / Warren CountyNJ 78 $65,445View Salaries
Judiciary /Atlantic County
NJ2018employees: 370average:$64,870
Judiciary /Atlantic CountyNJ 370 $64,870View Salaries
Judiciary/ Cape May County
NJ2018employees: 113average:$64,561
Judiciary/ Cape May CountyNJ 113 $64,561View Salaries
Municipal Utilities Authority Of Cape May County
NJ2016employees: 186average:$62,700
Municipal Utilities Authority Of Cape May CountyNJ 186 $62,700View Salaries
Municipal Utilities Authority Of Morris County
NJ2016employees: 39average:$72,922
Municipal Utilities Authority Of Morris CountyNJ 39 $72,922View Salaries
Pollution Control Financing Authority Of Salem County
NJ2016employees: 1average:$3,600
Pollution Control Financing Authority Of Salem CountyNJ 1 $3,600View Salaries
Regional Sewerage Authority Of South Monmouth County
NJ2016employees: 24average:$73,079
Regional Sewerage Authority Of South Monmouth CountyNJ 24 $73,079View Salaries
Utilities Authority Of Cumberland County
NJ2016employees: 36average:$51,663
Utilities Authority Of Cumberland CountyNJ 36 $51,663View Salaries
Utilities Authority Of Gloucester County
NJ2016employees: 71average:$17,397
Utilities Authority Of Gloucester CountyNJ 71 $17,397View Salaries
Utilities Authority Of Northwest Bergen County
NJ2016employees: 48average:$85,731
Utilities Authority Of Northwest Bergen CountyNJ 48 $85,731View Salaries
Utilities Authority Of Union County
NJ2016employees: 15average:$62,486
Utilities Authority Of Union CountyNJ 15 $62,486View Salaries
Utilities Authority Of Western Monmouth County
NJ2016employees: 56average:$69,460
Utilities Authority Of Western Monmouth CountyNJ 56 $69,460View Salaries
Atlantic County
NJ2022employees: 1236average:$57,455
Atlantic CountyNJ 1,236 $57,455View Salaries
Burlington County
NJ2022employees: 1094average:$55,223
Burlington CountyNJ 1,094 $55,223View Salaries
Cape May County
NJ2022employees: 841average:$56,734
Cape May CountyNJ 841 $56,734View Salaries
Cumberland County
NJ2022employees: 591average:$57,382
Cumberland CountyNJ 591 $57,382View Salaries
Gloucester County
NJ2022employees: 966average:$71,443
Gloucester CountyNJ 966 $71,443View Salaries
Hunterdon County
NJ2022employees: 423average:$58,769
Hunterdon CountyNJ 423 $58,769View Salaries
Mercer County
NJ2022employees: 1221average:$72,325
Mercer CountyNJ 1,221 $72,325View Salaries
Middlesex County
NJ2022employees: 1608average:$74,125
Middlesex CountyNJ 1,608 $74,125View Salaries
Morris County
NJ2022employees: 1403average:$63,093
Morris CountyNJ 1,403 $63,093View Salaries
Passaic County
NJ2022employees: 1603average:$74,567
Passaic CountyNJ 1,603 $74,567View Salaries
Salem County
NJ2022employees: 397average:$68,800
Salem CountyNJ 397 $68,800View Salaries
Sussex County
NJ2022employees: 459average:$58,251
Sussex CountyNJ 459 $58,251View Salaries
Union County
NJ2022employees: 1365average:$75,877
Union CountyNJ 1,365 $75,877View Salaries