County Salaries in Michigan

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Arenac County
MI2019employees: 125average:$27,701
Arenac CountyMI 125 $27,701View Salaries
Conservation District Of Jackson County
MI2018employees: 6average:$29,181
Conservation District Of Jackson CountyMI 6 $29,181View Salaries
County of Alcona
MI2018employees: 165average:$25,094
County of AlconaMI 165 $25,094View Salaries
County Of Alger
MI2018employees: 82average:$29,329
County Of AlgerMI 82 $29,329View Salaries
County of Arenac
MI2018employees: 135average:$25,278
County of ArenacMI 135 $25,278View Salaries
County Of Baraga
MI2016employees: 49average:$31,600
County Of BaragaMI 49 $31,600View Salaries
County Of Benzie
MI2018employees: 150average:$30,236
County Of BenzieMI 150 $30,236View Salaries
County Of Branch
MI2015employees: 147average:$40,860
County Of BranchMI 147 $40,860View Salaries
County Of Cheboygan
MI2018employees: 181average:$34,452
County Of CheboyganMI 181 $34,452View Salaries
County Of Chippewa
MI2016employees: 175average:$34,500
County Of ChippewaMI 175 $34,500View Salaries
County of Crawford
MI2018employees: 149average:$30,800
County of CrawfordMI 149 $30,800View Salaries
County Of Dickinson
MI2018employees: 141average:$31,412
County Of DickinsonMI 141 $31,412View Salaries
County Of Gladwin
MI2015employees: 161average:$24,744
County Of GladwinMI 161 $24,744View Salaries
County of Gratiot
MI2018employees: 161average:$30,793
County of GratiotMI 161 $30,793View Salaries
County Of Houghton
MI2018employees: 140average:$37,265
County Of HoughtonMI 140 $37,265View Salaries
County Of Iosco
MI2018employees: 162average:$34,864
County Of IoscoMI 162 $34,864View Salaries
County of Keweenaw
MI2021employees: 54average:$20,696
County of KeweenawMI 54 $20,696View Salaries
County Of Lake
MI2018employees: 168average:$35,932
County Of LakeMI 168 $35,932View Salaries
County Of Leelanau
MI2015employees: 158average:$34,028
County Of LeelanauMI 158 $34,028View Salaries
County Of Luce
MI2018employees: 78average:$18,468
County Of LuceMI 78 $18,468View Salaries
County Of Mackinac
MI2018employees: 84average:$36,535
County Of MackinacMI 84 $36,535View Salaries
County Of Mason
MI2018employees: 168average:$32,211
County Of MasonMI 168 $32,211View Salaries
County Of Mecosta
MI2016employees: 73average:$27,495
County Of MecostaMI 73 $27,495View Salaries
County Of Menominee
MI2018employees: 138average:$38,884
County Of MenomineeMI 138 $38,884View Salaries
County of Missaukee
MI2018employees: 81average:$37,261
County of MissaukeeMI 81 $37,261View Salaries
County of Oceana
MI2018employees: 171average:$34,249
County of OceanaMI 171 $34,249View Salaries
County of Oscoda
MI2018employees: 147average:$20,029
County of OscodaMI 147 $20,029View Salaries
County Of Otsego
MI2018employees: 164average:$404
County Of OtsegoMI 164 $404View Salaries
County of Schoolcraft
MI2018employees: 79average:$26,595
County of SchoolcraftMI 79 $26,595View Salaries
County Of Wexford
MI2018employees: 174average:$34,182
County Of WexfordMI 174 $34,182View Salaries
Dhs-Oakland County
MI2017employees: 1average:$79
Dhs-Oakland CountyMI 1 $79View Salaries
Mdhhs-Berrien County
MI2017employees: 179average:$42,753
Mdhhs-Berrien CountyMI 179 $42,753View Salaries
Mdhhs-Calhoun County
MI2017employees: 159average:$49,399
Mdhhs-Calhoun CountyMI 159 $49,399View Salaries
Mdhhs-Jackson County
MI2017employees: 176average:$49,557
Mdhhs-Jackson CountyMI 176 $49,557View Salaries
Oscoda County
MI2020employees: 126average:$22,798
Oscoda CountyMI 126 $22,798View Salaries
Public Libraries Of Montmorency County
MI2016employees: 13average:$14,164
Public Libraries Of Montmorency CountyMI 13 $14,164View Salaries
Relevant Academy Of Eaton County
MI2018employees: 2average:$71,801
Relevant Academy Of Eaton CountyMI 2 $71,801View Salaries
Iron County
MI2022employees: 150average:$22,101
Iron CountyMI 150 $22,101View Salaries
Menominee County
MI2022employees: 156average:$44,344
Menominee CountyMI 156 $44,344View Salaries
Schoolcraft County
MI2022employees: 68average:$32,343
Schoolcraft CountyMI 68 $32,343View Salaries
Luce County
MI2022employees: 73average:$22,709
Luce CountyMI 73 $22,709View Salaries
Alger County
MI2023employees: 114average:$30,410
Alger CountyMI 114 $30,410View Salaries
Iosco County
MI2023employees: 177average:$38,659
Iosco CountyMI 177 $38,659View Salaries
Benzie County
MI2023employees: 153average:$38,602
Benzie CountyMI 153 $38,602View Salaries
Crawford County
MI2023employees: 153average:$32,159
Crawford CountyMI 153 $32,159View Salaries
Delta County
MI2023employees: 163average:$48,762
Delta CountyMI 163 $48,762View Salaries
Dickinson County
MI2023employees: 148average:$38,033
Dickinson CountyMI 148 $38,033View Salaries
Gratiot County
MI2023employees: 170average:$44,268
Gratiot CountyMI 170 $44,268View Salaries
Houghton County
MI2023employees: 175average:$39,687
Houghton CountyMI 175 $39,687View Salaries
Lake County
MI2023employees: 137average:$38,132
Lake CountyMI 137 $38,132View Salaries
Mackinac County
MI2023employees: 83average:$41,994
Mackinac CountyMI 83 $41,994View Salaries
Oceana County
MI2023employees: 152average:$37,132
Oceana CountyMI 152 $37,132View Salaries
Otsego County
MI2023employees: 138average:$45,179
Otsego CountyMI 138 $45,179View Salaries
Alcona County
MI2023employees: 143average:$30,465
Alcona CountyMI 143 $30,465View Salaries
Alpena County
MI2023employees: 150average:$40,559
Alpena CountyMI 150 $40,559View Salaries
Baraga County
MI2022employees: 44average:$40,865
Baraga CountyMI 44 $40,865View Salaries
Gladwin County
MI2023employees: 158average:$34,606
Gladwin CountyMI 158 $34,606View Salaries
Gogebic County
MI2023employees: 146average:$29,948
Gogebic CountyMI 146 $29,948View Salaries
Missaukee County
MI2023employees: 151average:$31,005
Missaukee CountyMI 151 $31,005View Salaries
Montmorency County
MI2023employees: 91average:$33,055
Montmorency CountyMI 91 $33,055View Salaries