County Salaries in South Carolina

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Beaufort County
SC2021employees: 662average:$70,058
Beaufort CountySC 662 $70,058View Salaries
Charleston County
SC2019employees: 880average:$70,132
Charleston CountySC 880 $70,132View Salaries
County of Aiken
SC2018employees: 151average:$63,720
County of AikenSC 151 $63,720View Salaries
County of Allendale
SC2018employees: 231average:$16,452
County of AllendaleSC 231 $16,452View Salaries
County of Anderson
SC2018employees: 220average:$66,268
County of AndersonSC 220 $66,268View Salaries
County Of Charleston
SC2018employees: 836average:$69,630
County Of CharlestonSC 836 $69,630View Salaries
County Of Chester
SC2018employees: 25average:$64,661
County Of ChesterSC 25 $64,661View Salaries
County Of Fairfield
SC2018employees: 1average:$49,353
County Of FairfieldSC 1 $49,353View Salaries
County Of Greenville
SC2018employees: 607average:$69,913
County Of GreenvilleSC 607 $69,913View Salaries
County Of Greenwood
SC2018employees: 72average:$65,915
County Of GreenwoodSC 72 $65,915View Salaries
County Of Horry
SC2018employees: 513average:$66,968
County Of HorrySC 513 $66,968View Salaries
County of Jasper
SC2017employees: 11average:$74,680
County of JasperSC 11 $74,680View Salaries
County of Lancaster
SC2017employees: 518average:$40,510
County of LancasterSC 518 $40,510View Salaries
County of Oconee
SC2018employees: 555average:$41,505
County of OconeeSC 555 $41,505View Salaries
County of Williamsburg
SC2017employees: 32average:$62,630
County of WilliamsburgSC 32 $62,630View Salaries
County Of York
SC2018employees: 1080average:$45,793
County Of YorkSC 1,080 $45,793View Salaries
Fairfield County
SC2021employees: 96average:$59,155
Fairfield CountySC 96 $59,155View Salaries
Lancaster County
SC2021employees: 581average:$44,935
Lancaster CountySC 581 $44,935View Salaries
Aiken County
SC2022employees: 329average:$64,347
Aiken CountySC 329 $64,347View Salaries
Anderson County
SC2023employees: 443average:$67,732
Anderson CountySC 443 $67,732View Salaries
Greenville County
SC2023employees: 1270average:$69,038
Greenville CountySC 1,270 $69,038View Salaries
York County
SC2023employees: 1202average:$58,850
York CountySC 1,202 $58,850View Salaries
Calhoun County
SC2023employees: 286average:$28,720
Calhoun CountySC 286 $28,720View Salaries
Chesterfield County
SC2023employees: 76average:$28,324
Chesterfield CountySC 76 $28,324View Salaries
County of Dorchester
SC2023employees: 508average:$70,369
County of DorchesterSC 508 $70,369View Salaries
County of Laurens
SC2023employees: 140average:$64,125
County of LaurensSC 140 $64,125View Salaries
County of Lexington
SC2023employees: 869average:$65,821
County of LexingtonSC 869 $65,821View Salaries
County of Richland
SC2022employees: 12average:$34,250
County of RichlandSC 12 $34,250View Salaries
County of Saluda
SC2023employees: 44average:$63,782
County of SaludaSC 44 $63,782View Salaries
Darlington County
SC2023employees: 112average:$65,579
Darlington CountySC 112 $65,579View Salaries
Greenwood County
SC2023employees: 181average:$66,946
Greenwood CountySC 181 $66,946View Salaries
Horry County
SC2023employees: 1523average:$65,207
Horry CountySC 1,523 $65,207View Salaries
Jasper County
SC2023employees: 113average:$63,876
Jasper CountySC 113 $63,876View Salaries
Lee County
SC2023employees: 45average:$40,896
Lee CountySC 45 $40,896View Salaries
Marlboro County
SC2023employees: 84average:$30,752
Marlboro CountySC 84 $30,752View Salaries
McCormick County
SC2022employees: 230average:$25,370
McCormick CountySC 230 $25,370View Salaries
Newberry County
SC2022employees: 46average:$66,360
Newberry CountySC 46 $66,360View Salaries
Orangeburg County
SC2022employees: 627average:$40,779
Orangeburg CountySC 627 $40,779View Salaries
Oconee County
SC2023employees: 213average:$67,274
Oconee CountySC 213 $67,274View Salaries
Edgefield County
SC2021employees: 59average:$51,935
Edgefield CountySC 59 $51,935View Salaries
Hampton County
SC2021employees: 16average:$61,156
Hampton CountySC 16 $61,156View Salaries