County Salaries in Maryland

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
County of Anne Arundel
MD2018employees: 11255average:$53,717
County of Anne ArundelMD 11,255 $53,717View Salaries
County of Baltimore
MD2018employees: 7489average:$64,721
County of BaltimoreMD 7,489 $64,721View Salaries
County Of Caroline
MD2018employees: 633average:$20,263
County Of CarolineMD 633 $20,263View Salaries
County of Carroll
MD2017employees: 1235average:$37,853
County of CarrollMD 1,235 $37,853View Salaries
County Of Cecil
MD2016employees: 887average:$37,940
County Of CecilMD 887 $37,940View Salaries
County of Charles
MD2017employees: 1329average:$34,464
County of CharlesMD 1,329 $34,464View Salaries
County Of Frederick
MD2018employees: 4127average:$34,858
County Of FrederickMD 4,127 $34,858View Salaries
County of Garrett
MD2017employees: 440average:$38,106
County of GarrettMD 440 $38,106View Salaries
County Of Harford
MD2018employees: 1216average:$47,316
County Of HarfordMD 1,216 $47,316View Salaries
County of Howard
MD2017employees: 2812average:$75,342
County of HowardMD 2,812 $75,342View Salaries
County of Montgomery
MD2018employees: 10069average:$79,902
County of MontgomeryMD 10,069 $79,902View Salaries
County of Saint Mary
MD2017employees: 792average:$46,716
County of Saint MaryMD 792 $46,716View Salaries
County of Somerset
MD2018employees: 326average:$32,516
County of SomersetMD 326 $32,516View Salaries
County Of Talbot
MD2018employees: 647average:$25,553
County Of TalbotMD 647 $25,553View Salaries
County Of Washington
MD2018employees: 1167average:$39,062
County Of WashingtonMD 1,167 $39,062View Salaries
County Of Wicomico
MD2016employees: 3342average:$35,888
County Of WicomicoMD 3,342 $35,888View Salaries
Dorchester County
MD2022employees: 588average:$24,806
Dorchester CountyMD 588 $24,806View Salaries
Talbot County
MD2021employees: 452average:$41,045
Talbot CountyMD 452 $41,045View Salaries
Kent County
MD2022employees: 234average:$52,813
Kent CountyMD 234 $52,813View Salaries
Caroline County
MD2023employees: 458average:$31,425
Caroline CountyMD 458 $31,425View Salaries
Frederick County
MD2023employees: 3725average:$56,426
Frederick CountyMD 3,725 $56,426View Salaries
Harford County
MD2023employees: 1330average:$58,425
Harford CountyMD 1,330 $58,425View Salaries
Queen Anne's County
MD2023employees: 835average:$52,847
Queen Anne's CountyMD 835 $52,847View Salaries
St. Mary's County
MD2023employees: 1846average:$38,883
St. Mary's CountyMD 1,846 $38,883View Salaries
Washington County
MD2023employees: 1337average:$53,434
Washington CountyMD 1,337 $53,434View Salaries
Worcester County
MD2023employees: 719average:$55,474
Worcester CountyMD 719 $55,474View Salaries
Carroll County
MD2023employees: 1447average:$54,756
Carroll CountyMD 1,447 $54,756View Salaries
Garrett County
MD2023employees: 475average:$44,642
Garrett CountyMD 475 $44,642View Salaries
Montgomery County
MD2023employees: 9493average:$100,706
Montgomery CountyMD 9,493 $100,706View Salaries
Wicomico County
MD2022employees: 587average:$48,013
Wicomico CountyMD 587 $48,013View Salaries
Baltimore County
MD2023employees: 10070average:$63,431
Baltimore CountyMD 10,070 $63,431View Salaries
Cecil County
MD2023employees: 707average:$57,544
Cecil CountyMD 707 $57,544View Salaries
Charles County
MD2023employees: 941average:$69,135
Charles CountyMD 941 $69,135View Salaries
Prince George's County
MD2023employees: 8396average:$83,643
Prince George's CountyMD 8,396 $83,643View Salaries
Somerset County
MD2023employees: 553average:$26,681
Somerset CountyMD 553 $26,681View Salaries
Anne Arundel County
MD2023employees: 7145average:$62,698
Anne Arundel CountyMD 7,145 $62,698View Salaries
Howard County
MD2023employees: 4802average:$60,931
Howard CountyMD 4,802 $60,931View Salaries