County Salaries in New Mexico

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Colfax County
NM2020employees: 117average:$31,906
Colfax CountyNM 117 $31,906View Salaries
County Of Bernalillo
NM2016employees: 3582average:$36,119
County Of BernalilloNM 3,582 $36,119View Salaries
County Of Catron
NM2018employees: 93average:$19,879
County Of CatronNM 93 $19,879View Salaries
County of Chaves
NM2017employees: 264average:$38,367
County of ChavesNM 264 $38,367View Salaries
County Of Cibola
NM2018employees: 153average:$24,214
County Of CibolaNM 153 $24,214View Salaries
County Of Colfax
NM2018employees: 228average:$16,507
County Of ColfaxNM 228 $16,507View Salaries
County Of De Baca
NM2016employees: 80average:$32,772
County Of De BacaNM 80 $32,772View Salaries
County Of Dona Ana
NM2016employees: 824average:$40,441
County Of Dona AnaNM 824 $40,441View Salaries
County Of Eddy
NM2018employees: 396average:$47,611
County Of EddyNM 396 $47,611View Salaries
County of Grant
NM2018employees: 177average:$38,962
County of GrantNM 177 $38,962View Salaries
County of Guadalupe
NM2019employees: 92average:$23,744
County of GuadalupeNM 92 $23,744View Salaries
County of Harding
NM2017employees: 31average:$27,539
County of HardingNM 31 $27,539View Salaries
County Of Hidalgo
NM2016employees: 112average:$23,261
County Of HidalgoNM 112 $23,261View Salaries
County Of Lea
NM2018employees: 325average:$49,355
County Of LeaNM 325 $49,355View Salaries
County Of Lincoln
NM2018employees: 198average:$24,253
County Of LincolnNM 198 $24,253View Salaries
County Of Los Alamos
NM2018employees: 861average:$48,248
County Of Los AlamosNM 861 $48,248View Salaries
County of Luna
NM2017employees: 398average:$24,166
County of LunaNM 398 $24,166View Salaries
County of McKinley
NM2018employees: 241average:$40,587
County of McKinleyNM 241 $40,587View Salaries
County Of Otero
NM2018employees: 270average:$36,368
County Of OteroNM 270 $36,368View Salaries
County of Quay
NM2018employees: 100average:$24,404
County of QuayNM 100 $24,404View Salaries
County Of Rio Arriba
NM2016employees: 263average:$38,567
County Of Rio ArribaNM 263 $38,567View Salaries
County of Roosevelt
NM2017employees: 631average:$24,984
County of RooseveltNM 631 $24,984View Salaries
County of San Juan
NM2018employees: 1024average:$33,641
County of San JuanNM 1,024 $33,641View Salaries
County Of San Miguel
NM2018employees: 129average:$33,781
County Of San MiguelNM 129 $33,781View Salaries
County of Sandoval
NM2021employees: 469average:$43,809
County of SandovalNM 469 $43,809View Salaries
County Of Santa Fe
NM2016employees: 52average:$82,347
County Of Santa FeNM 52 $82,347View Salaries
County of Sierra
NM2019employees: 157average:$22,104
County of SierraNM 157 $22,104View Salaries
County Of Socorro
NM2018employees: 242average:$16,744
County Of SocorroNM 242 $16,744View Salaries
County Of Taos
NM2018employees: 353average:$27,902
County Of TaosNM 353 $27,902View Salaries
County Of Union
NM2018employees: 105average:$15,453
County Of UnionNM 105 $15,453View Salaries
County of Valencia
NM2017employees: 356average:$28,646
County of ValenciaNM 356 $28,646View Salaries
Grant County
NM2020employees: 199average:$39,585
Grant CountyNM 199 $39,585View Salaries
Otero County
NM2020employees: 271average:$38,312
Otero CountyNM 271 $38,312View Salaries
Taos County
NM2020employees: 320average:$32,466
Taos CountyNM 320 $32,466View Salaries
Chaves County
NM2022employees: 349average:$31,384
Chaves CountyNM 349 $31,384View Salaries
Cibola County
NM2022employees: 132average:$31,906
Cibola CountyNM 132 $31,906View Salaries
County of Mora
NM2022employees: 75average:$31,070
County of MoraNM 75 $31,070View Salaries
Curry County
NM2022employees: 295average:$23,094
Curry CountyNM 295 $23,094View Salaries
Eddy County
NM2022employees: 419average:$53,730
Eddy CountyNM 419 $53,730View Salaries
Guadalupe County
NM2022employees: 84average:$30,931
Guadalupe CountyNM 84 $30,931View Salaries
Harding County
NM2022employees: 29average:$33,065
Harding CountyNM 29 $33,065View Salaries
Lea County
NM2022employees: 454average:$61,009
Lea CountyNM 454 $61,009View Salaries
Lincoln County
NM2022employees: 117average:$44,746
Lincoln CountyNM 117 $44,746View Salaries
Los Alamos County
NM2022employees: 662average:$73,983
Los Alamos CountyNM 662 $73,983View Salaries
Luna County
NM2022employees: 358average:$31,644
Luna CountyNM 358 $31,644View Salaries
Mckinley County
NM2022employees: 222average:$45,163
Mckinley CountyNM 222 $45,163View Salaries
Quay County
NM2022employees: 81average:$31,611
Quay CountyNM 81 $31,611View Salaries
Rio Arriba County
NM2022employees: 340average:$47,138
Rio Arriba CountyNM 340 $47,138View Salaries
San Juan County
NM2022employees: 995average:$45,153
San Juan CountyNM 995 $45,153View Salaries
San Miguel County
NM2022employees: 140average:$38,044
San Miguel CountyNM 140 $38,044View Salaries
Sierra County
NM2022employees: 116average:$32,943
Sierra CountyNM 116 $32,943View Salaries
Valencia County
NM2022employees: 295average:$43,878
Valencia CountyNM 295 $43,878View Salaries
County of Torrance
NM2022employees: 240average:$31,188
County of TorranceNM 240 $31,188View Salaries
Dona Ana County
NM2022employees: 1264average:$44,699
Dona Ana CountyNM 1,264 $44,699View Salaries
Santa Fe County
NM2022employees: 652average:$63,108
Santa Fe CountyNM 652 $63,108View Salaries
Union County
NM2022employees: 108average:$16,988
Union CountyNM 108 $16,988View Salaries