County Salaries in Nevada

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Carson City
NV2019employees: 1082average:$63,885
Carson CityNV 1,082 $63,885View Salaries
Churchill County
NV2021employees: 353average:$56,172
Churchill CountyNV 353 $56,172View Salaries
Clark County
NV2021employees: 9904average:$84,355
Clark CountyNV 9,904 $84,355View Salaries
County of Churchill
NV2017employees: 320average:$36,434
County of ChurchillNV 320 $36,434View Salaries
County of Clark
NV2017employees: 44949average:$39,314
County of ClarkNV 44,949 $39,314View Salaries
County of Douglas
NV2017employees: 743average:$43,647
County of DouglasNV 743 $43,647View Salaries
County of Elko
NV2017employees: 368average:$50,073
County of ElkoNV 368 $50,073View Salaries
County of Humboldt
NV2017employees: 249average:$48,911
County of HumboldtNV 249 $48,911View Salaries
County of Lyon
NV2017employees: 432average:$60,735
County of LyonNV 432 $60,735View Salaries
County of Washoe
NV2017employees: 2656average:$67,580
County of WashoeNV 2,656 $67,580View Salaries
County of White Pine
NV2017employees: 263average:$28,451
County of White PineNV 263 $28,451View Salaries
Douglas County
NV2017employees: 744average:$59,316
Douglas CountyNV 744 $59,316View Salaries
Douglas County Lake Tahoe Sewer Authority
NV2021employees: 20average:$93,746
Douglas County Lake Tahoe Sewer AuthorityNV 20 $93,746View Salaries
Elko County
NV2021employees: 471average:$61,879
Elko CountyNV 471 $61,879View Salaries
Esmeralda County
NV2021employees: 92average:$36,090
Esmeralda CountyNV 92 $36,090View Salaries
Eureka County
NV2021employees: 168average:$55,391
Eureka CountyNV 168 $55,391View Salaries
Humboldt County
NV2021employees: 254average:$76,642
Humboldt CountyNV 254 $76,642View Salaries
Lander County
NV2020employees: 177average:$50,506
Lander CountyNV 177 $50,506View Salaries
Lincoln County
NV2019employees: 203average:$38,457
Lincoln CountyNV 203 $38,457View Salaries
Lyon County
NV2021employees: 457average:$73,737
Lyon CountyNV 457 $73,737View Salaries
Mineral County
NV2021employees: 162average:$29,089
Mineral CountyNV 162 $29,089View Salaries
Nye County
NV2019employees: 549average:$72,417
Nye CountyNV 549 $72,417View Salaries
Pershing County
NV2021employees: 167average:$38,727
Pershing CountyNV 167 $38,727View Salaries
Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County
NV2021employees: 74average:$186,988
Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe CountyNV 74 $186,988View Salaries
Storey County
NV2021employees: 200average:$74,636
Storey CountyNV 200 $74,636View Salaries
Washoe County
NV2020employees: 3393average:$83,235
Washoe CountyNV 3,393 $83,235View Salaries
White Pine County
NV2021employees: 205average:$41,538
White Pine CountyNV 205 $41,538View Salaries