County Salaries in Wyoming

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Campbell County
WY2022employees: 540average:$58,529
Campbell CountyWY 540 $58,529View Salaries
Conservation District of Converse County
WY2017employees: 2average:$42,152
Conservation District of Converse CountyWY 2 $42,152View Salaries
Conservation District of Natrona County
WY2018employees: 3average:$18,643
Conservation District of Natrona CountyWY 3 $18,643View Salaries
Conservation District Of Sheridan County
WY2016employees: 3average:$24,217
Conservation District Of Sheridan CountyWY 3 $24,217View Salaries
Conservation District Of Sublette County
WY2016employees: 10average:$41,042
Conservation District Of Sublette CountyWY 10 $41,042View Salaries
Conservation District Of Uinta County
WY2016employees: 5average:$14,071
Conservation District Of Uinta CountyWY 5 $14,071View Salaries
Conservation District of Washakie County
WY2018employees: 4average:$20,604
Conservation District of Washakie CountyWY 4 $20,604View Salaries
Converse County
WY2022employees: 133average:$58,027
Converse CountyWY 133 $58,027View Salaries
County Of Albany
WY2018employees: 171average:$40,445
County Of AlbanyWY 171 $40,445View Salaries
County of Big Horn
WY2018employees: 142average:$29,507
County of Big HornWY 142 $29,507View Salaries
County Of Campbell
WY2018employees: 565average:$4,732
County Of CampbellWY 565 $4,732View Salaries
County of Converse
WY2018employees: 116average:$50,563
County of ConverseWY 116 $50,563View Salaries
County Of Crook
WY2018employees: 74average:$36,599
County Of CrookWY 74 $36,599View Salaries
County Of Fremont
WY2018employees: 256average:$42,892
County Of FremontWY 256 $42,892View Salaries
County Of Goshen
WY2018employees: 80average:$36,065
County Of GoshenWY 80 $36,065View Salaries
County of Hot Springs
WY2018employees: 51average:$39,329
County of Hot SpringsWY 51 $39,329View Salaries
County of Johnson
WY2018employees: 93average:$49,144
County of JohnsonWY 93 $49,144View Salaries
County of Laramie
WY2018employees: 380average:$4,171
County of LaramieWY 380 $4,171View Salaries
County of Lincoln
WY2018employees: 125average:$48,931
County of LincolnWY 125 $48,931View Salaries
County of Niobrara
WY2017employees: 39average:$33,590
County of NiobraraWY 39 $33,590View Salaries
County of Park
WY2018employees: 176average:$47,211
County of ParkWY 176 $47,211View Salaries
County Of Platte
WY2018employees: 92average:$36,740
County Of PlatteWY 92 $36,740View Salaries
County Of Sheridan
WY2018employees: 136average:$44,038
County Of SheridanWY 136 $44,038View Salaries
County of Sublette
WY2017employees: 236average:$33,250
County of SubletteWY 236 $33,250View Salaries
County Of Sweetwater
WY2018employees: 238average:$4,778
County Of SweetwaterWY 238 $4,778View Salaries
County of Teton
WY2017employees: 601average:$27,243
County of TetonWY 601 $27,243View Salaries
County of Uinta
WY2018employees: 117average:$48,462
County of UintaWY 117 $48,462View Salaries
County of Washakie
WY2017employees: 55average:$3,287
County of WashakieWY 55 $3,287View Salaries
County of Weston
WY2018employees: 62average:$2,855
County of WestonWY 62 $2,855View Salaries
Fremont County
WY2022employees: 281average:$37,424
Fremont CountyWY 281 $37,424View Salaries
Hot Springs County
WY2020employees: 56average:$36,923
Hot Springs CountyWY 56 $36,923View Salaries
Joint Travel and Tourism Board of Sweetwater County
WY2018employees: 3average:$42,878
Joint Travel and Tourism Board of Sweetwater CountyWY 3 $42,878View Salaries
Laramie County
WY2022employees: 360average:$51,994
Laramie CountyWY 360 $51,994View Salaries
Natural Resource District Of Crook County
WY2018employees: 3average:$20,389
Natural Resource District Of Crook CountyWY 3 $20,389View Salaries
Natural Resource District of Weston County
WY2018employees: 1average:$44,287
Natural Resource District of Weston CountyWY 1 $44,287View Salaries
Resource District of Platte County
WY2018employees: 9average:$12,189
Resource District of Platte CountyWY 9 $12,189View Salaries
Rural Health Care District of Sublette County
WY2017employees: 98average:$46,056
Rural Health Care District of Sublette CountyWY 98 $46,056View Salaries
Sheridan County
WY2022employees: 145average:$48,451
Sheridan CountyWY 145 $48,451View Salaries
Sweetwater County
WY2021employees: 239average:$62,516
Sweetwater CountyWY 239 $62,516View Salaries
Teton County
WY2022employees: 249average:$6,130
Teton CountyWY 249 $6,130View Salaries
Weed and Pest District of Lincoln County
WY2017employees: 22average:$16,254
Weed and Pest District of Lincoln CountyWY 22 $16,254View Salaries
Weed and Pest District of Sublette County
WY2017employees: 23average:$16,326
Weed and Pest District of Sublette CountyWY 23 $16,326View Salaries
Weed and Pest District of Sweetwater County
WY2018employees: 16average:$19,945
Weed and Pest District of Sweetwater CountyWY 16 $19,945View Salaries
Weed And Pest Of Crook County
WY2018employees: 3average:$30,226
Weed And Pest Of Crook CountyWY 3 $30,226View Salaries
Weed And Pest Of Niobrara County
WY2018employees: 4average:$38,530
Weed And Pest Of Niobrara CountyWY 4 $38,530View Salaries
Weston County
WY2022employees: 61average:$3,801
Weston CountyWY 61 $3,801View Salaries
Albany County
WY2022employees: 144average:$50,620
Albany CountyWY 144 $50,620View Salaries
Crook County
WY2022employees: 102average:$33,808
Crook CountyWY 102 $33,808View Salaries
Goshen County
WY2022employees: 82average:$23,087
Goshen CountyWY 82 $23,087View Salaries
Niobrara County
WY2022employees: 59average:$29,705
Niobrara CountyWY 59 $29,705View Salaries
Park County
WY2022employees: 184average:$45,282
Park CountyWY 184 $45,282View Salaries
Sublette County
WY2022employees: 176average:$66,676
Sublette CountyWY 176 $66,676View Salaries
Uinta County
WY2022employees: 115average:$51,811
Uinta CountyWY 115 $51,811View Salaries
Big Horn County
WY2022employees: 114average:$36,452
Big Horn CountyWY 114 $36,452View Salaries
Johnson County
WY2022employees: 92average:$49,683
Johnson CountyWY 92 $49,683View Salaries
Lincoln County
WY2022employees: 115average:$51,973
Lincoln CountyWY 115 $51,973View Salaries
Natrona County
WY2022employees: 477average:$48,383
Natrona CountyWY 477 $48,383View Salaries
Platte County
WY2022employees: 89average:$39,200
Platte CountyWY 89 $39,200View Salaries