County Salaries in Wisconsin

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Adams County
WI2021employees: 267average:$44,142
Adams CountyWI 267 $44,142View Salaries
County of Adams
WI2018employees: 278average:$41,425
County of AdamsWI 278 $41,425View Salaries
County Of Barron
WI2018employees: 504average:$31,336
County Of BarronWI 504 $31,336View Salaries
County of Bayfield
WI2017employees: 329average:$26,744
County of BayfieldWI 329 $26,744View Salaries
County Of Calumet
WI2018employees: 359average:$43,997
County Of CalumetWI 359 $43,997View Salaries
County of Chippewa
WI2017employees: 465average:$41,904
County of ChippewaWI 465 $41,904View Salaries
County of Crawford
WI2018employees: 240average:$30,241
County of CrawfordWI 240 $30,241View Salaries
County of Florence
WI2017employees: 103average:$34,093
County of FlorenceWI 103 $34,093View Salaries
County Of Forest
WI2018employees: 218average:$23,862
County Of ForestWI 218 $23,862View Salaries
County of Green Lake
WI2018employees: 137average:$53,552
County of Green LakeWI 137 $53,552View Salaries
County of Iowa
WI2018employees: 366average:$29,886
County of IowaWI 366 $29,886View Salaries
County Of Iron
WI2018employees: 126average:$38,569
County Of IronWI 126 $38,569View Salaries
County Of Jackson
WI2018employees: 344average:$27,888
County Of JacksonWI 344 $27,888View Salaries
County Of Kewaunee
WI2018employees: 255average:$33,413
County Of KewauneeWI 255 $33,413View Salaries
County of Langlade
WI2018employees: 275average:$31,187
County of LangladeWI 275 $31,187View Salaries
County Of Manitowoc
WI2018employees: 439average:$51,841
County Of ManitowocWI 439 $51,841View Salaries
County of Marquette
WI2017employees: 178average:$45,921
County of MarquetteWI 178 $45,921View Salaries
County of Menominee
WI2017employees: 78average:$49,154
County of MenomineeWI 78 $49,154View Salaries
County of Oconto
WI2017employees: 387average:$36,870
County of OcontoWI 387 $36,870View Salaries
County Of Oneida
WI2018employees: 477average:$31,266
County Of OneidaWI 477 $31,266View Salaries
County of Pepin
WI2018employees: 162average:$27,527
County of PepinWI 162 $27,527View Salaries
County Of Pierce
WI2018employees: 456average:$35,190
County Of PierceWI 456 $35,190View Salaries
County of Price
WI2018employees: 250average:$28,057
County of PriceWI 250 $28,057View Salaries
County of Rusk
WI2017employees: 290average:$27,685
County of RuskWI 290 $27,685View Salaries
County of Taylor
WI2017employees: 183average:$46,159
County of TaylorWI 183 $46,159View Salaries
County of Trempealeau
WI2017employees: 327average:$35,066
County of TrempealeauWI 327 $35,066View Salaries
County of Vilas
WI2017employees: 280average:$35,329
County of VilasWI 280 $35,329View Salaries
County of Washburn
WI2017employees: 254average:$34,896
County of WashburnWI 254 $34,896View Salaries
County Of Waushara
WI2018employees: 427average:$33,060
County Of WausharaWI 427 $33,060View Salaries
Jackson County
WI2021employees: 367average:$30,295
Jackson CountyWI 367 $30,295View Salaries
Marinette County
WI2020employees: 477average:$41,174
Marinette CountyWI 477 $41,174View Salaries
Oconto County
WI2020employees: 364average:$42,760
Oconto CountyWI 364 $42,760View Salaries
Taylor County
WI2019employees: 323average:$30,096
Taylor CountyWI 323 $30,096View Salaries
Vilas County
WI2020employees: 294average:$37,101
Vilas CountyWI 294 $37,101View Salaries
Green Lake County
WI2022employees: 133average:$60,120
Green Lake CountyWI 133 $60,120View Salaries
Iron County
WI2022employees: 134average:$40,724
Iron CountyWI 134 $40,724View Salaries
Oneida County
WI2022employees: 481average:$36,184
Oneida CountyWI 481 $36,184View Salaries
Price County
WI2022employees: 259average:$31,983
Price CountyWI 259 $31,983View Salaries
Rusk County
WI2022employees: 305average:$29,269
Rusk CountyWI 305 $29,269View Salaries
Washburn County
WI2022employees: 281average:$38,905
Washburn CountyWI 281 $38,905View Salaries
Waushara County
WI2022employees: 475average:$42,362
Waushara CountyWI 475 $42,362View Salaries
Bayfield County
WI2022employees: 363average:$29,853
Bayfield CountyWI 363 $29,853View Salaries
Douglas County
WI2022employees: 413average:$39,551
Douglas CountyWI 413 $39,551View Salaries
Sawyer County
WI2022employees: 287average:$36,892
Sawyer CountyWI 287 $36,892View Salaries
Ashland County
WI2023employees: 263average:$35,437
Ashland CountyWI 263 $35,437View Salaries
Buffalo County
WI2023employees: 171average:$39,666
Buffalo CountyWI 171 $39,666View Salaries
Burnett County
WI2023employees: 251average:$32,726
Burnett CountyWI 251 $32,726View Salaries
Calumet County
WI2023employees: 516average:$41,230
Calumet CountyWI 516 $41,230View Salaries
Forest County
WI2023employees: 188average:$30,840
Forest CountyWI 188 $30,840View Salaries
Iowa County
WI2023employees: 220average:$45,885
Iowa CountyWI 220 $45,885View Salaries
Kewaunee County
WI2023employees: 239average:$39,443
Kewaunee CountyWI 239 $39,443View Salaries
Lafayette County
WI2023employees: 477average:$41,990
Lafayette CountyWI 477 $41,990View Salaries
Lincoln County
WI2023employees: 302average:$43,391
Lincoln CountyWI 302 $43,391View Salaries
Menominee County
WI2023employees: 71average:$48,950
Menominee CountyWI 71 $48,950View Salaries
Pepin County
WI2023employees: 166average:$34,134
Pepin CountyWI 166 $34,134View Salaries
Pierce County
WI2023employees: 462average:$40,052
Pierce CountyWI 462 $40,052View Salaries
Crawford County
WI2023employees: 246average:$38,846
Crawford CountyWI 246 $38,846View Salaries
Florence County
WI2023employees: 185average:$38,537
Florence CountyWI 185 $38,537View Salaries
Langlade County
WI2023employees: 264average:$38,390
Langlade CountyWI 264 $38,390View Salaries
Marquette County
WI2023employees: 330average:$36,100
Marquette CountyWI 330 $36,100View Salaries