County Salaries in Mississippi

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Claiborne County
MS2019employees: 141average:$23,019
Claiborne CountyMS 141 $23,019View Salaries
County Of Alcorn
MS2018employees: 280average:$20,492
County Of AlcornMS 280 $20,492View Salaries
County Of Clarke
MS2016employees: 181average:$21,667
County Of ClarkeMS 181 $21,667View Salaries
County Of Clay
MS2016employees: 156average:$20,370
County Of ClayMS 156 $20,370View Salaries
County Of Forrest
MS2016employees: 543average:$25,141
County Of ForrestMS 543 $25,141View Salaries
County Of Franklin
MS2017employees: 91average:$21,927
County Of FranklinMS 91 $21,927View Salaries
County Of Greene
MS2017employees: 147average:$20,673
County Of GreeneMS 147 $20,673View Salaries
County Of Grenada
MS2018employees: 162average:$23,981
County Of GrenadaMS 162 $23,981View Salaries
County Of Hinds
MS2017employees: 1155average:$26,344
County Of HindsMS 1,155 $26,344View Salaries
County Of Itawamba
MS2017employees: 126average:$24,800
County Of ItawambaMS 126 $24,800View Salaries
County Of Jackson
MS2016employees: 839average:$35,005
County Of JacksonMS 839 $35,005View Salaries
County Of Lincoln
MS2017employees: 174average:$29,365
County Of LincolnMS 174 $29,365View Salaries
County Of Marion
MS2017employees: 219average:$26,746
County Of MarionMS 219 $26,746View Salaries
County Of Montgomery
MS2017employees: 84average:$22,810
County Of MontgomeryMS 84 $22,810View Salaries
County Of Neshoba
MS2018employees: 165average:$24,432
County Of NeshobaMS 165 $24,432View Salaries
County Of Pike
MS2016employees: 205average:$32,784
County Of PikeMS 205 $32,784View Salaries
County Of Scott
MS2018employees: 189average:$23,661
County Of ScottMS 189 $23,661View Salaries
County Of Stone
MS2018employees: 225average:$22,088
County Of StoneMS 225 $22,088View Salaries
County Of Tippah
MS2018employees: 132average:$23,806
County Of TippahMS 132 $23,806View Salaries
Hinds County
MS2019employees: 881average:$33,822
Hinds CountyMS 881 $33,822View Salaries
Itawamba County
MS2021employees: 175average:$25,870
Itawamba CountyMS 175 $25,870View Salaries
Leake County
MS2019employees: 214average:$22,373
Leake CountyMS 214 $22,373View Salaries
Marion County
MS2019employees: 182average:$29,106
Marion CountyMS 182 $29,106View Salaries
Neshoba County
MS2022employees: 191average:$25,431
Neshoba CountyMS 191 $25,431View Salaries
Oktibbeha County
MS2019employees: 124average:$38,633
Oktibbeha CountyMS 124 $38,633View Salaries
Pontotoc County
MS2019employees: 102average:$33,343
Pontotoc CountyMS 102 $33,343View Salaries
Scott County
MS2022employees: 212average:$24,639
Scott CountyMS 212 $24,639View Salaries
Stone County
MS2019employees: 231average:$21,869
Stone CountyMS 231 $21,869View Salaries
Webster County
MS2021employees: 103average:$17,767
Webster CountyMS 103 $17,767View Salaries
Winston County
MS2021employees: 175average:$21,742
Winston CountyMS 175 $21,742View Salaries
Yalobusha County
MS2020employees: 142average:$18,040
Yalobusha CountyMS 142 $18,040View Salaries
Clay County
MS2022employees: 169average:$23,289
Clay CountyMS 169 $23,289View Salaries
Desoto County
MS2022employees: 866average:$40,853
Desoto CountyMS 866 $40,853View Salaries
Franklin County
MS2022employees: 125average:$17,792
Franklin CountyMS 125 $17,792View Salaries
Harrison County
MS2022employees: 937average:$43,132
Harrison CountyMS 937 $43,132View Salaries
Jefferson Davis County
MS2022employees: 149average:$21,786
Jefferson Davis CountyMS 149 $21,786View Salaries
Lincoln County
MS2022employees: 216average:$21,573
Lincoln CountyMS 216 $21,573View Salaries
Forrest County
MS2022employees: 781average:$20,007
Forrest CountyMS 781 $20,007View Salaries
Adams County
MS2022employees: 321average:$20,005
Adams CountyMS 321 $20,005View Salaries
Jones County
MS2022employees: 466average:$35,555
Jones CountyMS 466 $35,555View Salaries
Lafayette County
MS2022employees: 177average:$47,586
Lafayette CountyMS 177 $47,586View Salaries
Lamar County
MS2022employees: 399average:$38,333
Lamar CountyMS 399 $38,333View Salaries
Alcorn County
MS2023employees: 195average:$36,130
Alcorn CountyMS 195 $36,130View Salaries
Attala County
MS2023employees: 110average:$34,272
Attala CountyMS 110 $34,272View Salaries
Benton County
MS2023employees: 131average:$21,289
Benton CountyMS 131 $21,289View Salaries
Grenada County
MS2023employees: 160average:$28,088
Grenada CountyMS 160 $28,088View Salaries
Jackson County
MS2023employees: 1132average:$31,931
Jackson CountyMS 1,132 $31,931View Salaries
Monroe County
MS2023employees: 205average:$41,631
Monroe CountyMS 205 $41,631View Salaries
Newton County
MS2023employees: 196average:$22,896
Newton CountyMS 196 $22,896View Salaries
Simpson County
MS2023employees: 250average:$26,054
Simpson CountyMS 250 $26,054View Salaries