County Salaries in Texas

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Armstrong County
TX2021employees: 38average:$17,855
Armstrong CountyTX 38 $17,855View Salaries
Borden County
TX2020employees: 21average:$26,561
Borden CountyTX 21 $26,561View Salaries
County Of Baylor
TX2015employees: 47average:$19,614
County Of BaylorTX 47 $19,614View Salaries
County Of Borden
TX2016employees: 16average:$32,019
County Of BordenTX 16 $32,019View Salaries
County Of Briscoe
TX2018employees: 33average:$18,586
County Of BriscoeTX 33 $18,586View Salaries
County Of Cochran
TX2018employees: 46average:$40,284
County Of CochranTX 46 $40,284View Salaries
County Of Coke
TX2018employees: 50average:$22,092
County Of CokeTX 50 $22,092View Salaries
County Of Coleman
TX2018employees: 53average:$33,701
County Of ColemanTX 53 $33,701View Salaries
County Of Concho
TX2018employees: 58average:$22,408
County Of ConchoTX 58 $22,408View Salaries
County Of Crosby
TX2018employees: 55average:$1,986
County Of CrosbyTX 55 $1,986View Salaries
County Of Delta
TX2018employees: 50average:$30,241
County Of DeltaTX 50 $30,241View Salaries
County Of Dickens
TX2018employees: 33average:$30,350
County Of DickensTX 33 $30,350View Salaries
County Of Edwards
TX2018employees: 44average:$26,934
County Of EdwardsTX 44 $26,934View Salaries
County Of Hall
TX2015employees: 33average:$22,348
County Of HallTX 33 $22,348View Salaries
County Of Hansford
TX2016employees: 46average:$32,481
County Of HansfordTX 46 $32,481View Salaries
County Of Hardeman
TX2016employees: 51average:$23,348
County Of HardemanTX 51 $23,348View Salaries
County Of Hartley
TX2018employees: 33average:$34,885
County Of HartleyTX 33 $34,885View Salaries
County Of Hemphill
TX2018employees: 58average:$46,924
County Of HemphillTX 58 $46,924View Salaries
County Of Jeff Davis
TX2018employees: 34average:$23,016
County Of Jeff DavisTX 34 $23,016View Salaries
County Of Kent
TX2018employees: 34average:$33,857
County Of KentTX 34 $33,857View Salaries
County Of Kimble
TX2018employees: 56average:$26,068
County Of KimbleTX 56 $26,068View Salaries
County Of King
TX2018employees: 23average:$30,658
County Of KingTX 23 $30,658View Salaries
County Of La Grulla
TX2016employees: 40average:$17,072
County Of La GrullaTX 40 $17,072View Salaries
County Of Lipscomb
TX2018employees: 58average:$38,370
County Of LipscombTX 58 $38,370View Salaries
County Of Loving
TX2018employees: 29average:$52,276
County Of LovingTX 29 $52,276View Salaries
County Of Lynn
TX2016employees: 59average:$25,251
County Of LynnTX 59 $25,251View Salaries
County Of Motley
TX2018employees: 26average:$16,436
County Of MotleyTX 26 $16,436View Salaries
County Of Oldham
TX2018employees: 42average:$34,200
County Of OldhamTX 42 $34,200View Salaries
County Of Roberts
TX2018employees: 48average:$34,416
County Of RobertsTX 48 $34,416View Salaries
County Of Sherman
TX2018employees: 57average:$32,804
County Of ShermanTX 57 $32,804View Salaries
County Of Trinity
TX2018employees: 48average:$52,602
County Of TrinityTX 48 $52,602View Salaries
Crosby County
TX2022employees: 45average:$33,872
Crosby CountyTX 45 $33,872View Salaries
Delta County
TX2022employees: 46average:$37,214
Delta CountyTX 46 $37,214View Salaries
Emergency Services District No. 33-a588-a Of Hays County
TX2015employees: 53average:$30,785
Emergency Services District No. 33-a588-a Of Hays CountyTX 53 $30,785View Salaries
Emergency Services District No. 9 Of Harris County
TX2016employees: 2average:$64,766
Emergency Services District No. 9 Of Harris CountyTX 2 $64,766View Salaries
Emergency Services District Of San Jacinto County
TX2016employees: 1average:$43,464
Emergency Services District Of San Jacinto CountyTX 1 $43,464View Salaries
Hall County
TX2020employees: 27average:$25,882
Hall CountyTX 27 $25,882View Salaries
Improvement District Of East Montgomery County
TX2018employees: 11average:$59,428
Improvement District Of East Montgomery CountyTX 11 $59,428View Salaries
Jeff Davis County
TX2022employees: 39average:$25,287
Jeff Davis CountyTX 39 $25,287View Salaries
Loving County
TX2022employees: 25average:$91,272
Loving CountyTX 25 $91,272View Salaries
Coleman County
TX2022employees: 53average:$43,176
Coleman CountyTX 53 $43,176View Salaries
Irion County
TX2022employees: 40average:$44,429
Irion CountyTX 40 $44,429View Salaries
Lipscomb County
TX2022employees: 55average:$38,470
Lipscomb CountyTX 55 $38,470View Salaries
Briscoe County
TX2023employees: 21average:$32,572
Briscoe CountyTX 21 $32,572View Salaries
Cochran County
TX2023employees: 58average:$37,345
Cochran CountyTX 58 $37,345View Salaries
Coke County
TX2023employees: 41average:$31,043
Coke CountyTX 41 $31,043View Salaries
Concho County
TX2023employees: 44average:$33,513
Concho CountyTX 44 $33,513View Salaries
Cottle County
TX2023employees: 33average:$14,776
Cottle CountyTX 33 $14,776View Salaries
Donley County
TX2023employees: 48average:$28,233
Donley CountyTX 48 $28,233View Salaries
King County
TX2023employees: 23average:$28,290
King CountyTX 23 $28,290View Salaries
Oldham County
TX2023employees: 44average:$32,711
Oldham CountyTX 44 $32,711View Salaries
Shackelford County
TX2023employees: 43average:$31,043
Shackelford CountyTX 43 $31,043View Salaries
Dickens County
TX2023employees: 39average:$30,278
Dickens CountyTX 39 $30,278View Salaries
Glasscock County
TX2023employees: 39average:$63,844
Glasscock CountyTX 39 $63,844View Salaries
Hardeman County
TX2023employees: 54average:$29,441
Hardeman CountyTX 54 $29,441View Salaries
Hartley County
TX2023employees: 24average:$46,576
Hartley CountyTX 24 $46,576View Salaries
Mills County
TX2023employees: 56average:$37,028
Mills CountyTX 56 $37,028View Salaries
Motley County
TX2023employees: 19average:$20,450
Motley CountyTX 19 $20,450View Salaries
Sherman County
TX2023employees: 42average:$43,300
Sherman CountyTX 42 $43,300View Salaries
Kent County
TX2023employees: 46average:$31,381
Kent CountyTX 46 $31,381View Salaries