County Salaries in Maine

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Aroostook County
ME2018employees: 104average:$42,768
Aroostook CountyME 104 $42,768View Salaries
County Of Knox
ME2017employees: 95average:$49,225
County Of KnoxME 95 $49,225View Salaries
Region 2 Southern Aroostook County
ME2018employees: 15average:$30,963
Region 2 Southern Aroostook CountyME 15 $30,963View Salaries
Region 3 Northern Penobscot County
ME2018employees: 19average:$41,857
Region 3 Northern Penobscot CountyME 19 $41,857View Salaries
Androscoggin County
ME2022employees: 126average:$52,018
Androscoggin CountyME 126 $52,018View Salaries
Aroostook County Government
ME2022employees: 125average:$45,907
Aroostook County GovernmentME 125 $45,907View Salaries
Cumberland County
ME2022employees: 314average:$63,565
Cumberland CountyME 314 $63,565View Salaries
Franklin County
ME2022employees: 73average:$38,918
Franklin CountyME 73 $38,918View Salaries
Hancock County
ME2022employees: 80average:$54,038
Hancock CountyME 80 $54,038View Salaries
Kennebec County
ME2022employees: 130average:$44,785
Kennebec CountyME 130 $44,785View Salaries
Lincoln County
ME2022employees: 31average:$48,065
Lincoln CountyME 31 $48,065View Salaries
Northern Penobscot Tech Region III
ME2022employees: 16average:$43,119
Northern Penobscot Tech Region IIIME 16 $43,119View Salaries
Oxford County
ME2022employees: 105average:$43,336
Oxford CountyME 105 $43,336View Salaries
Penobscot County
ME2022employees: 175average:$41,482
Penobscot CountyME 175 $41,482View Salaries
Piscataquis County
ME2022employees: 52average:$49,683
Piscataquis CountyME 52 $49,683View Salaries
Sagadahoc County
ME2022employees: 59average:$53,839
Sagadahoc CountyME 59 $53,839View Salaries
Somerset County
ME2022employees: 87average:$51,831
Somerset CountyME 87 $51,831View Salaries
Waldo County
ME2022employees: 74average:$55,428
Waldo CountyME 74 $55,428View Salaries
Washington County
ME2022employees: 78average:$51,341
Washington CountyME 78 $51,341View Salaries
York County
ME2022employees: 103average:$58,247
York CountyME 103 $58,247View Salaries