County Salaries in Missouri

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Barton County
MO2021employees: 50average:$22,945
Barton CountyMO 50 $22,945View Salaries
County of Hickory
MO2017employees: 66average:$19,588
County of HickoryMO 66 $19,588View Salaries
County of Linn
MO2017employees: 50average:$24,399
County of LinnMO 50 $24,399View Salaries
County of Mercer
MO2017employees: 37average:$21,356
County of MercerMO 37 $21,356View Salaries
County of Moniteau
MO2017employees: 92average:$16,872
County of MoniteauMO 92 $16,872View Salaries
County of Osage
MO2017employees: 83average:$12,501
County of OsageMO 83 $12,501View Salaries
County of Putnam
MO2017employees: 35average:$22,673
County of PutnamMO 35 $22,673View Salaries
County of Reynolds
MO2017employees: 63average:$23,440
County of ReynoldsMO 63 $23,440View Salaries
County of Scotland
MO2017employees: 85average:$9,066
County of ScotlandMO 85 $9,066View Salaries
County of Shelby
MO2017employees: 66average:$19,885
County of ShelbyMO 66 $19,885View Salaries
County of Worth
MO2017employees: 20average:$22,431
County of WorthMO 20 $22,431View Salaries
Grundy County
MO2020employees: 65average:$26,470
Grundy CountyMO 65 $26,470View Salaries
Harrison County
MO2021employees: 64average:$21,254
Harrison CountyMO 64 $21,254View Salaries
Knox County
MO2019employees: 47average:$20,971
Knox CountyMO 47 $20,971View Salaries
Schuyler County
MO2021employees: 48average:$21,758
Schuyler CountyMO 48 $21,758View Salaries
Sullivan County
MO2021employees: 47average:$26,149
Sullivan CountyMO 47 $26,149View Salaries
Worth County
MO2021employees: 29average:$24,141
Worth CountyMO 29 $24,141View Salaries
Carroll County
MO2022employees: 42average:$30,819
Carroll CountyMO 42 $30,819View Salaries
Carter County
MO2022employees: 52average:$19,839
Carter CountyMO 52 $19,839View Salaries
County of Oregon
MO2022employees: 87average:$15,510
County of OregonMO 87 $15,510View Salaries
Hickory County
MO2022employees: 73average:$16,395
Hickory CountyMO 73 $16,395View Salaries
Linn County
MO2022employees: 51average:$28,694
Linn CountyMO 51 $28,694View Salaries
Madison County
MO2022employees: 70average:$21,876
Madison CountyMO 70 $21,876View Salaries
Putnam County
MO2022employees: 34average:$25,044
Putnam CountyMO 34 $25,044View Salaries
Reynolds County
MO2022employees: 59average:$27,113
Reynolds CountyMO 59 $27,113View Salaries
Ripley County
MO2022employees: 64average:$18,929
Ripley CountyMO 64 $18,929View Salaries
Scotland County
MO2022employees: 63average:$13,939
Scotland CountyMO 63 $13,939View Salaries
Shelby County
MO2022employees: 54average:$18,827
Shelby CountyMO 54 $18,827View Salaries
Douglas County
MO2022employees: 88average:$23,661
Douglas CountyMO 88 $23,661View Salaries
Benton County
MO2022employees: 12average:$57,489
Benton CountyMO 12 $57,489View Salaries
Dallas County
MO2022employees: 65average:$25,509
Dallas CountyMO 65 $25,509View Salaries
Mercer County
MO2022employees: 33average:$29,052
Mercer CountyMO 33 $29,052View Salaries
Adair County
MO2023employees: 80average:$41,186
Adair CountyMO 80 $41,186View Salaries
Andrew County
MO2023employees: 78average:$34,529
Andrew CountyMO 78 $34,529View Salaries
Atchison County
MO2023employees: 49average:$41,965
Atchison CountyMO 49 $41,965View Salaries
Chariton County
MO2023employees: 37average:$30,332
Chariton CountyMO 37 $30,332View Salaries
Clark County
MO2023employees: 41average:$34,126
Clark CountyMO 41 $34,126View Salaries
Clinton County
MO2023employees: 72average:$33,273
Clinton CountyMO 72 $33,273View Salaries
DeKalb County
MO2023employees: 42average:$39,894
DeKalb CountyMO 42 $39,894View Salaries
Dunklin County
MO2023employees: 88average:$37,037
Dunklin CountyMO 88 $37,037View Salaries
Gasconade County
MO2023employees: 50average:$37,597
Gasconade CountyMO 50 $37,597View Salaries
Holt County
MO2023employees: 47average:$28,163
Holt CountyMO 47 $28,163View Salaries
Howard County
MO2023employees: 42average:$37,355
Howard CountyMO 42 $37,355View Salaries
Iron County
MO2023employees: 50average:$30,825
Iron CountyMO 50 $30,825View Salaries
Lewis County
MO2023employees: 40average:$34,433
Lewis CountyMO 40 $34,433View Salaries
Livingston County
MO2023employees: 43average:$42,456
Livingston CountyMO 43 $42,456View Salaries
Macon County
MO2023employees: 66average:$32,746
Macon CountyMO 66 $32,746View Salaries
Mississippi County
MO2023employees: 56average:$31,795
Mississippi CountyMO 56 $31,795View Salaries
Monroe County
MO2023employees: 47average:$26,279
Monroe CountyMO 47 $26,279View Salaries
Montgomery County
MO2023employees: 88average:$34,357
Montgomery CountyMO 88 $34,357View Salaries
New Madrid County
MO2023employees: 77average:$41,956
New Madrid CountyMO 77 $41,956View Salaries
Nodaway County
MO2023employees: 58average:$38,897
Nodaway CountyMO 58 $38,897View Salaries
Pike County
MO2023employees: 75average:$36,551
Pike CountyMO 75 $36,551View Salaries
Ralls County
MO2023employees: 58average:$39,529
Ralls CountyMO 58 $39,529View Salaries
Ray County
MO2023employees: 90average:$30,639
Ray CountyMO 90 $30,639View Salaries
Shannon County
MO2023employees: 40average:$25,178
Shannon CountyMO 40 $25,178View Salaries
Stoddard County
MO2023employees: 88average:$37,407
Stoddard CountyMO 88 $37,407View Salaries
Texas County
MO2023employees: 66average:$31,924
Texas CountyMO 66 $31,924View Salaries
Vernon County
MO2023employees: 90average:$33,889
Vernon CountyMO 90 $33,889View Salaries
Wright County
MO2023employees: 80average:$30,349
Wright CountyMO 80 $30,349View Salaries