County Salaries in Massachusetts

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Barnstable County
MA2021employees: 301average:$42,519
Barnstable CountyMA 301 $42,519View Salaries
County of Barnstable
MA2017employees: 411average:$34,821
County of BarnstableMA 411 $34,821View Salaries
County Of Bristol
MA2018employees: 234average:$37,125
County Of BristolMA 234 $37,125View Salaries
County Of Hampden Regional Retirement System
MA2017employees: 1509average:$39,776
County Of Hampden Regional Retirement SystemMA 1,509 $39,776View Salaries
County Of Middlesex
MA2018employees: 19average:$64,436
County Of MiddlesexMA 19 $64,436View Salaries
County Of Middlesex Regional Retirement System
MA2017employees: 17average:$69,662
County Of Middlesex Regional Retirement SystemMA 17 $69,662View Salaries
County Of Norfolk
MA2018employees: 378average:$39,542
County Of NorfolkMA 378 $39,542View Salaries
County Of Plymouth
MA2018employees: 71average:$52,649
County Of PlymouthMA 71 $52,649View Salaries
Hampshire County
MA2019employees: 13average:$34,772
Hampshire CountyMA 13 $34,772View Salaries
Bristol County
MA2022employees: 253average:$39,435
Bristol CountyMA 253 $39,435View Salaries
Norfolk County
MA2022employees: 382average:$42,731
Norfolk CountyMA 382 $42,731View Salaries
Plymouth County
MA2022employees: 74average:$55,271
Plymouth CountyMA 74 $55,271View Salaries
Barnstable County Sheriff's Office
MA2023employees: 475average:$56,614
Barnstable County Sheriff's OfficeMA 475 $56,614View Salaries
Berkshire County Sheriff's Office
MA2023employees: 320average:$59,212
Berkshire County Sheriff's OfficeMA 320 $59,212View Salaries
Berkshire District Attorney's Office
MA2023employees: 109average:$38,305
Berkshire District Attorney's OfficeMA 109 $38,305View Salaries
Bristol County District Attorney
MA2023employees: 307average:$37,496
Bristol County District AttorneyMA 307 $37,496View Salaries
Bristol County Sheriff's Office
MA2023employees: 686average:$53,798
Bristol County Sheriff's OfficeMA 686 $53,798View Salaries
Dukes County Sheriff's Office
MA2023employees: 67average:$62,709
Dukes County Sheriff's OfficeMA 67 $62,709View Salaries
Essex County Sheriff's Department
MA2023employees: 801average:$70,374
Essex County Sheriff's DepartmentMA 801 $70,374View Salaries
Franklin County Sheriff's Office
MA2023employees: 327average:$56,350
Franklin County Sheriff's OfficeMA 327 $56,350View Salaries
Hampden County Sheriff's Department
MA2023employees: 2185average:$45,443
Hampden County Sheriff's DepartmentMA 2,185 $45,443View Salaries
Hampden District Attorney's Office
MA2023employees: 245average:$52,005
Hampden District Attorney's OfficeMA 245 $52,005View Salaries
Hampshire County Retirement
MA2023employees: 6average:$68,447
Hampshire County RetirementMA 6 $68,447View Salaries
Hampshire County Sheriff's Office
MA2023employees: 360average:$44,013
Hampshire County Sheriff's OfficeMA 360 $44,013View Salaries
Middlesex County District Attorney
MA2023employees: 349average:$53,295
Middlesex County District AttorneyMA 349 $53,295View Salaries
Middlesex Sheriff's Office
MA2023employees: 997average:$58,815
Middlesex Sheriff's OfficeMA 997 $58,815View Salaries
Nantucket Sheriff's Office
MA2023employees: 8average:$57,616
Nantucket Sheriff's OfficeMA 8 $57,616View Salaries
Norfolk County Sheriff's Office
MA2023employees: 424average:$64,283
Norfolk County Sheriff's OfficeMA 424 $64,283View Salaries
Norfolk District Attorney
MA2023employees: 185average:$58,819
Norfolk District AttorneyMA 185 $58,819View Salaries
Plymouth County District Attorney's Office
MA2023employees: 307average:$32,317
Plymouth County District Attorney's OfficeMA 307 $32,317View Salaries
Plymouth County Sheriff's Department
MA2023employees: 841average:$61,939
Plymouth County Sheriff's DepartmentMA 841 $61,939View Salaries
Suffolk County District Attorney's Office
MA2023employees: 500average:$42,306
Suffolk County District Attorney's OfficeMA 500 $42,306View Salaries
Suffolk County Sheriffs Office
MA2023employees: 1148average:$77,312
Suffolk County Sheriffs OfficeMA 1,148 $77,312View Salaries
Worcester County District Attorney's Office
MA2023employees: 252average:$55,823
Worcester County District Attorney's OfficeMA 252 $55,823View Salaries
Worcester County Sheriff's Office
MA2023employees: 1069average:$42,328
Worcester County Sheriff's OfficeMA 1,069 $42,328View Salaries
County of Nantucket
MA2022employees: 1128average:$58,644
County of NantucketMA 1,128 $58,644View Salaries