County Salaries

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
Conservation District of Natrona County
WY2018employees: 3average:$18,643
Conservation District of Natrona CountyWY 3 $18,643View Salaries
Conservation District Of Ocean County
NJ2015employees: 10average:$70,690
Conservation District Of Ocean CountyNJ 10 $70,690View Salaries
Conservation District Of Patrick County
VA2015employees: 2average:$44,071
Conservation District Of Patrick CountyVA 2 $44,071View Salaries
Conservation District Of Pittsylvania County
VA2015employees: 3average:$30,577
Conservation District Of Pittsylvania CountyVA 3 $30,577View Salaries
Conservation District Of Prince William County
VA2015employees: 5average:$40,644
Conservation District Of Prince William CountyVA 5 $40,644View Salaries
Conservation District Of Scott County
VA2015employees: 3average:$40,780
Conservation District Of Scott CountyVA 3 $40,780View Salaries
Conservation District Of Sheridan County
WY2016employees: 3average:$24,217
Conservation District Of Sheridan CountyWY 3 $24,217View Salaries
Conservation District of Spokane County
WA2017employees: 39average:$30,325
Conservation District of Spokane CountyWA 39 $30,325View Salaries
Conservation District of Stevens County
WA2017employees: 11average:$20,466
Conservation District of Stevens CountyWA 11 $20,466View Salaries
Conservation District Of Sublette County
WY2016employees: 10average:$41,042
Conservation District Of Sublette CountyWY 10 $41,042View Salaries
Conservation District Of Sussex County
NJ2016employees: 4average:$37,285
Conservation District Of Sussex CountyNJ 4 $37,285View Salaries
Conservation District Of Tazewell County
VA2015employees: 4average:$21,438
Conservation District Of Tazewell CountyVA 4 $21,438View Salaries
Conservation District Of Uinta County
WY2016employees: 5average:$14,071
Conservation District Of Uinta CountyWY 5 $14,071View Salaries
Conservation District of Washakie County
WY2018employees: 4average:$20,604
Conservation District of Washakie CountyWY 4 $20,604View Salaries
Consolidated Fire Agencies of San Bernardino County
CA2020employees: 77average:$610
Consolidated Fire Agencies of San Bernardino CountyCA 77 $610View Salaries
Convention And Sports Facility Authority Of Blair County
PA2016employees: 10average:$49,377
Convention And Sports Facility Authority Of Blair CountyPA 10 $49,377View Salaries
Convention Authority of Erie County
PA2017employees: 787average:$5,597
Convention Authority of Erie CountyPA 787 $5,597View Salaries
Convention Center Authority Of Erie County
PA2015employees: 714average:$5,582
Convention Center Authority Of Erie CountyPA 714 $5,582View Salaries
Conway County
AR2022employees: 145average:$36,967
Conway CountyAR 145 $36,967View Salaries
Cook County
MN2019employees: 159average:$45,271
Cook CountyMN 159 $45,271View Salaries
Coos County
OR2022employees: 313average:$63,890
Coos CountyOR 313 $63,890View Salaries
Cortland County
NY2018employees: 599average:$41,507
Cortland CountyNY 599 $41,507View Salaries
Cotton County
OK2021employees: 88average:$19,420
Cotton CountyOK 88 $19,420View Salaries
County Of Accomack
VA2018employees: 159average:$45,062
County Of AccomackVA 159 $45,062View Salaries
County Of Ada
ID2018employees: 2111average:$53,881
County Of AdaID 2,111 $53,881View Salaries
County of Adair
IA2018employees: 82average:$32,600
County of AdairIA 82 $32,600View Salaries
County of Adair
KY2017employees: 10average:$26,353
County of AdairKY 10 $26,353View Salaries
County Of Adair
OK2018employees: 142average:$15,518
County Of AdairOK 142 $15,518View Salaries
County of Adams
CO2017employees: 2614average:$48,454
County of AdamsCO 2,614 $48,454View Salaries
County of Adams
IA2017employees: 86average:$29,404
County of AdamsIA 86 $29,404View Salaries
County of Adams
ID2017employees: 73average:$41,661
County of AdamsID 73 $41,661View Salaries
County Of Adams
ND2018employees: 81average:$18,336
County Of AdamsND 81 $18,336View Salaries
County of Adams
PA2017employees: 505average:$36,396
County of AdamsPA 505 $36,396View Salaries
County of Adams
WA2017employees: 417average:$23,882
County of AdamsWA 417 $23,882View Salaries
County of Adams
WI2018employees: 278average:$41,425
County of AdamsWI 278 $41,425View Salaries
County of Aiken
SC2018employees: 151average:$63,720
County of AikenSC 151 $63,720View Salaries
County of Alameda
CA2017employees: 9684average:$69,075
County of AlamedaCA 9,684 $69,075View Salaries
County of Alamosa
CO2017employees: 217average:$39,418
County of AlamosaCO 217 $39,418View Salaries
County Of Albany
WY2018employees: 171average:$40,445
County Of AlbanyWY 171 $40,445View Salaries
County Of Albemarle
VA2018employees: 3516average:$45,040
County Of AlbemarleVA 3,516 $45,040View Salaries
County of Alcona
MI2018employees: 165average:$25,094
County of AlconaMI 165 $25,094View Salaries
County Of Alcorn
MS2018employees: 280average:$20,492
County Of AlcornMS 280 $20,492View Salaries
County Of Alfalfa
OK2018employees: 115average:$33,050
County Of AlfalfaOK 115 $33,050View Salaries
County Of Alger
MI2018employees: 82average:$29,329
County Of AlgerMI 82 $29,329View Salaries
County Of Allamakee
IA2018employees: 128average:$35,727
County Of AllamakeeIA 128 $35,727View Salaries
County Of Alleghany
VA2018employees: 66average:$37,301
County Of AlleghanyVA 66 $37,301View Salaries
County Of Allegheny
PA2016employees: 6660average:$44,004
County Of AlleghenyPA 6,660 $44,004View Salaries
County of Allegheny Department Administrative Services
PA2017employees: 6840average:$45,909
County of Allegheny Department Administrative ServicesPA 6,840 $45,909View Salaries
County of Allendale
SC2018employees: 231average:$16,452
County of AllendaleSC 231 $16,452View Salaries
County Of Alpine
CA2018employees: 83average:$56,863
County Of AlpineCA 83 $56,863View Salaries
County Of Amador
CA2018employees: 371average:$62,581
County Of AmadorCA 371 $62,581View Salaries
County Of Amelia
VA2018employees: 113average:$34,605
County Of AmeliaVA 113 $34,605View Salaries
County Of Amherst
VA2018employees: 235average:$41,516
County Of AmherstVA 235 $41,516View Salaries
County of Anderson
SC2018employees: 220average:$66,268
County of AndersonSC 220 $66,268View Salaries
County Of Anderson
TN2018employees: 499average:$34,621
County Of AndersonTN 499 $34,621View Salaries
County Of Anderson
TX2018employees: 309average:$28,928
County Of AndersonTX 309 $28,928View Salaries
County Of Andrews
TX2018employees: 300average:$39,415
County Of AndrewsTX 300 $39,415View Salaries
County Of Angelina
TX2018employees: 430average:$35,610
County Of AngelinaTX 430 $35,610View Salaries
County of Anne Arundel
MD2018employees: 11255average:$53,717
County of Anne ArundelMD 11,255 $53,717View Salaries
County Of Anoka
MN2018employees: 2161average:$54,334
County Of AnokaMN 2,161 $54,334View Salaries