County Salaries

County Payrolls

County NameStateEmployees NumberAverage Salary
County of Hawaii
HI2023employees: 2618average:$73,676
County of HawaiiHI 2,618 $73,676View Salaries
County of Humphreys
TN2023employees: 125average:$1,793
County of HumphreysTN 125 $1,793View Salaries
County of Huntingdon
PA2023employees: 166average:$42,253
County of HuntingdonPA 166 $42,253View Salaries
County of Kauai
HI2023employees: 1333average:$56,000
County of KauaiHI 1,333 $56,000View Salaries
County of Kiowa
CO2022employees: 63average:$27,476
County of KiowaCO 63 $27,476View Salaries
County of Laurens
SC2023employees: 140average:$64,125
County of LaurensSC 140 $64,125View Salaries
County of Lexington
SC2023employees: 869average:$65,821
County of LexingtonSC 869 $65,821View Salaries
County of Maui
HI2023employees: 2634average:$56,961
County of MauiHI 2,634 $56,961View Salaries
County of Mifflin
PA2023employees: 290average:$33,707
County of MifflinPA 290 $33,707View Salaries
County of Montcalm
MI2023employees: 343average:$35,671
County of MontcalmMI 343 $35,671View Salaries
County of Nantucket
MA2022employees: 1128average:$58,644
County of NantucketMA 1,128 $58,644View Salaries
County of Outagamie
WI2022employees: 1743average:$41,366
County of OutagamieWI 1,743 $41,366View Salaries
County of Richland
SC2022employees: 12average:$34,250
County of RichlandSC 12 $34,250View Salaries
County of Roosevelt
NM2022employees: 175average:$23,688
County of RooseveltNM 175 $23,688View Salaries
County of Saluda
SC2023employees: 44average:$63,782
County of SaludaSC 44 $63,782View Salaries
County of Webster
KY2022employees: 140average:$23,278
County of WebsterKY 140 $23,278View Salaries
County of Woodford
KY2023employees: 202average:$31,926
County of WoodfordKY 202 $31,926View Salaries
Creek County
OK2023employees: 189average:$42,767
Creek CountyOK 189 $42,767View Salaries
Crittenden County
KY2023employees: 121average:$24,828
Crittenden CountyKY 121 $24,828View Salaries
Cross County
AR2023employees: 155average:$21,155
Cross CountyAR 155 $21,155View Salaries
Custer County
CO2023employees: 139average:$32,427
Custer CountyCO 139 $32,427View Salaries
Custer County
MT2023employees: 57average:$46,414
Custer CountyMT 57 $46,414View Salaries
Daggett County
UT2023employees: 51average:$49,443
Daggett CountyUT 51 $49,443View Salaries
Dane County
WI2022employees: 3370average:$61,940
Dane CountyWI 3,370 $61,940View Salaries
Daniels County
MT2023employees: 33average:$32,251
Daniels CountyMT 33 $32,251View Salaries
Darlington County
SC2023employees: 112average:$65,579
Darlington CountySC 112 $65,579View Salaries
Dawes County
NE2022employees: 105average:$21,090
Dawes CountyNE 105 $21,090View Salaries
Dawson County
MT2023employees: 87average:$40,514
Dawson CountyMT 87 $40,514View Salaries
Dawson County
TX2022employees: 110average:$37,080
Dawson CountyTX 110 $37,080View Salaries
Delaware County
PA2023employees: 2828average:$58,478
Delaware CountyPA 2,828 $58,478View Salaries
Dewitt County
TX2023employees: 201average:$40,993
Dewitt CountyTX 201 $40,993View Salaries
Dickey County
ND2023employees: 48average:$43,483
Dickey CountyND 48 $43,483View Salaries
Dinwiddie County
VA2023employees: 526average:$15,947
Dinwiddie CountyVA 526 $15,947View Salaries
Dixon County
NE2022employees: 63average:$40,001
Dixon CountyNE 63 $40,001View Salaries
Doddridge County
WV2022employees: 208average:$19,254
Doddridge CountyWV 208 $19,254View Salaries
Doniphan County
KS2022employees: 18average:$49,731
Doniphan CountyKS 18 $49,731View Salaries
Douglas County
SD2022employees: 24average:$25,266
Douglas CountySD 24 $25,266View Salaries
Douglas County
WI2022employees: 413average:$39,551
Douglas CountyWI 413 $39,551View Salaries
Dubuque County
IA2023employees: 643average:$43,119
Dubuque CountyIA 643 $43,119View Salaries
Ellis County
OK2023employees: 100average:$31,656
Ellis CountyOK 100 $31,656View Salaries
Emery County
UT2023employees: 255average:$47,070
Emery CountyUT 255 $47,070View Salaries
Essex County
VA2023employees: 172average:$26,333
Essex CountyVA 172 $26,333View Salaries
Estill County
KY2023employees: 95average:$25,259
Estill CountyKY 95 $25,259View Salaries
Fallon County
MT2023employees: 83average:$42,686
Fallon CountyMT 83 $42,686View Salaries
Fauquier County
VA2023employees: 866average:$63,986
Fauquier CountyVA 866 $63,986View Salaries
Fayette County
PA2023employees: 745average:$40,838
Fayette CountyPA 745 $40,838View Salaries
Fentress County
TN2023employees: 302average:$22,490
Fentress CountyTN 302 $22,490View Salaries
Fergus County
MT2023employees: 71average:$41,387
Fergus CountyMT 71 $41,387View Salaries
Fisher County
TX2023employees: 70average:$32,022
Fisher CountyTX 70 $32,022View Salaries
Flathead County
MT2023employees: 404average:$49,289
Flathead CountyMT 404 $49,289View Salaries
Franklin County
IA2023employees: 206average:$36,916
Franklin CountyIA 206 $36,916View Salaries
Franklin County
ID2022employees: 76average:$46,600
Franklin CountyID 76 $46,600View Salaries
Franklin County
TN2023employees: 588average:$20,454
Franklin CountyTN 588 $20,454View Salaries
Frederick County
VA2023employees: 676average:$66,703
Frederick CountyVA 676 $66,703View Salaries
Fremont County
ID2022employees: 283average:$36,690
Fremont CountyID 283 $36,690View Salaries
Fremont County
WY2023employees: 286average:$37,708
Fremont CountyWY 286 $37,708View Salaries
Gaines County
TX2023employees: 172average:$54,007
Gaines CountyTX 172 $54,007View Salaries
Gallatin County
MT2023employees: 343average:$49,510
Gallatin CountyMT 343 $49,510View Salaries
Garfield County
MT2023employees: 52average:$32,376
Garfield CountyMT 52 $32,376View Salaries
Garfield County
UT2023employees: 134average:$64,993
Garfield CountyUT 134 $64,993View Salaries